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Crazy busy at work. Crazy stupid crutch-filled whining ouchness at home. Packing. Leaving tomorrow. You all deserve better.
mood: indescribable
music: none. just me.


Yo...where ya goin'?

Or have I been so totally self-absorbed that I missed that bit of info?

I've got some good drugs I can send you... ;-)

LOL! Okay, reading I get it. :) Going to Germany tomorrow to visit my brother for 6 days. 6 days of probably sitting in his apartment (up STAIRS, no elevator) while they go skiing and visit castles and sightsee around town. Waaah!!

Hey, but at least that way we know we won't be deprived of your daily musings. Sorry. Maybe the weather will suck and everyone will be stuck inside with you.

I read that as crotch-filled and snorted saft on my keyboard!

Have a safe trip!

ha! serves you right(foot)!

Marie, I'm surprised with you! Crotch-filled? Yes, Liz wrote about her: Crazy stupid crotch-filled whining ouchness at home.

Sheesh. And you got all pissy with me for reading your white board incorrectly. I quote: And I don't need to buy tea, idiot! Didn't you read the note. I have fucking tea...........

*rolls eyes back at you* LOL!!!

P.S. LIZ, since Marie tainted my brain already......may you have a crotch-filled weekend. You don't need your crutches for that. ;-o

LOL! I don't think there will be much crotch-ness while staying with my brother and his fiancee in their little apartment :D

And now we know why I will never become fluent in the Swedish language...I DON'T PAY ATTENTION!!!


What? *confused*

Enjoy your trip, and forget about your trip. ;-)

I hope you have a safe and wonderful trip, despite your pre-trip trip, as it were. *g* And feel better! Soon!

Re: Enjoy your trip, and forget about your trip. ;-)

I'm nothing but a grumpbucket right now. :*(

Re: Enjoy your trip, and forget about your trip. ;-)

After the week you've had, you're entitled!

(On the other hand, perhaps you're actually a Pod Person, left behind by Interdimensional Trolls who've spirited the real Liz away to read them bedtime stories...)

Re: Enjoy your trip, and forget about your trip. ;-)

*sticks arms straight out zombie-style and stalks you making godzilla noises*

Re: Enjoy your trip, and forget about your trip. ;-)

::shrieks and runs to hide behind the sofa::

oh baby, it's so bad

oh Lizardek-- it is so bad right now-- I know it-- I am so with you-- this sucks so utterly and totally-- did I ever mention three of the worst months of my life the March T broke his ankle (and got a cast from ankle to HIP) the week after we had moved our bedroom up to the 3rd floor, ie up 2 flights of stairs?? yeah, good times. you will survive this--

in the meantime, know that I am sending you good wishes!!!!!


Re: oh baby, it's so bad

You are such a darling dear, thank you!!! It helps immeasurably to know so many people are wishing me well. And hearing stories like that one certainly help reinforce the "IT COULD BE WORSE" position :)

I hope that Germany will agree with you, despite the lack in mobility make the best of your situation. Castle next time, maybe some bretzels at the local coffeeshop. Okay, I want to eat them... but that is beside the point ;-P


If you're gonna be holed up in an apartment in Germany for 6 days, here's what I wanna know: how many damn BOOKS are you gonna read?! :)

Sorry you're feeling so icky...and having such bad timing (i.e., missing out on all the sightseeing, etc.) ~Marilyn

I'm taking 4 with me. I was gonna take more, but I had to consider the fact that my husband has to deal with ALL the luggage. :D

You just take care of yourself.

I'm trying :) You, too!!

have mucho fun and stay safe!

Sorry your week has been so rough. Hope you are able to have a good time in Germany. Maybe you should just rent a wheel chair for a few days. Have Anders push you around and pretend you're Cleopatra

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