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Crazy busy at work. Crazy stupid crutch-filled whining ouchness at home. Packing. Leaving tomorrow. You all deserve better.
mood: indescribable
music: none. just me.


I read that as crotch-filled and snorted saft on my keyboard!

Have a safe trip!

ha! serves you right(foot)!

Marie, I'm surprised with you! Crotch-filled? Yes, Liz wrote about her: Crazy stupid crotch-filled whining ouchness at home.

Sheesh. And you got all pissy with me for reading your white board incorrectly. I quote: And I don't need to buy tea, idiot! Didn't you read the note. I have fucking tea...........

*rolls eyes back at you* LOL!!!

P.S. LIZ, since Marie tainted my brain already......may you have a crotch-filled weekend. You don't need your crutches for that. ;-o

LOL! I don't think there will be much crotch-ness while staying with my brother and his fiancee in their little apartment :D

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