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Look at this! Love is in the air! It's everywhere! And it's WONDERFUL!

Really Great LOVE Writing Out There Right Now:

My Heart Wears a Letterman Sweater

The Birthday Boy

Love Letter

Who do you love? Why don'cha tell me about it?

Anders is picking me up in about 15 minutes, with sushi in hand,* and we are going to get the kids, go home, pack the car, eat dinner, and head on out. The weather could be better for flying, but my foot doesn't hurt too much when I press down on it now. And I get to ride in one of those beeping airport carts for the first time in my life, woot! (It's the little things, I tell ya)

*What more evidence of LOVE do you need??
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awww...i needed some evidence of love about now!
have a safe and fun journey. arent those things called sky-caps? pretty cool you get to actually ride in one! i always just look at them longingly..hahaha

I love my Anders very much. Despite our ups and downs, he's still my best friend and the smartest man I know on almost everything. And I love my step-children, Kalle and Karin, and my Sophie dog, and my brother, sister-in-law and nephew, and my great good friends, who are always there for me.

You have a lot of love in your life. :)

Oh, oh, once of those carts that go beep-beep-beep? Cool. I always imagine jumping up on one to steal a ride when I see it in an airport.


Have a wonderful wonderful trip (sans lthe kind of literal tripping that put you on crutches!) Liz! And big LOVE to you!

xo Wee

Wheee! A ride in a cart ... you can either feel like a kid while riding in it, or a senior ... it's your choice! Heh! Have a wonderful visit in Germany!

God that is such beautiful writing, it makes me teary. Particularly the first one. Thanks for sharing :)

I hope you have a wonderful trip despite the crutches!

who do I love?

I love my babies, grown up now, every one of them.
Aaron is 28, lives in LA, and is so silly and sweet, and handsome!
Laurel is 25, lives in Portland, and is a creative, lovely, takes no crap kinda bossy woman(in a good way)
Autumn is 22, lives in Eugene. I put candy hearts on her car while she's at work a block away. She works with little kiddies (and LOVES them) at a family drug and alcohol treatment center.
Brieana is 20, briefly lives with me again before flying off to the BIG ISLAND! next month. She's my beautiful flamenco dancer cello playing huggy doll.
I love my sisters, in Portland every one of them... all three of them so very different than me.
I love my dear departed parents and it brings me to tears just typing that, I miss them so much.
I have some good friends that I adorn. I think I love them. I would never move far away, because they are here. I think that's a kind of love.

And then on the romantic front.. hmmm. I find myself in a place of detachment that I would never have anticipated. I have been such a relationship kind of a gal most of my adult life. I have loved deeply and beautifully and toughly. It's soared and waxed delightful, and it's hurt like hell.
Now I seem to have lost interest or lost heart in romantic love. Darn. Oh well.

Most of all, I'm learning to love ME more and more.
And I love life! and nature. and singing. and walking. and dancing.

Re: who do I love?

That was lovely to read. And yes, I think that it's definitely a love when it comes to good friends that you adore and that you wouldn't want to move away from :)

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