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2 hours sitting on the runway, in the very last seats which were right next to the constant engine running and didn´t recline, plus 1.5 flight, plus no wheelchair to meet me when departing, meaning I had to hobble UP a long ramp and down a hall, while my hip and butt cramped and my leg threatened to collapse under me to where the cart was waiting, plus a 2 hour drive through the snow-covered landscape and darkness, plus getting lost in Füssen because we couldn´t read the poorly-lit roadsigns and having no access on the mobile phones, and finally finding our way to my brother´s apartment at 2:00 a.m. only to face a flight and a half of stairs wiped me out completely. What a hellacious day.

Today, Simone, who is a physical therapist, worked on my foot, iced it and I laid with it elevated for several hours. It feels MUCH better and I´m hopeful it will be able to bear some weight after tomorrow.

The whole place is covered with a 2-foot coating of picture-postcard-perfect snow, padding rooftops and hedges, lining sidewalks with short white piled walls. The view from the balcony over the rooftops is of pine- and snow-covered mountains. Everyone, except,, is going skiing tomorrow. I have books and crossword puzzles and the internet (albeit on a VERY slow dial-up) to keep me occupied. I expect to become very familiar with the interior of John and Simone´s cozy apartment. Although, in addition to the slowness (AIEEE, the slowness!) of the internet connection, the German laptop has the Z and Y keys switched which means a lot of backtracking and correcting, and I´ll be known as liyardek during the duration.

Karin: *playing a game with Martin on the living room floor, involving paper, small plastic figures and a rolling stamp pad, gets up to go to the bathroom* Can you pause the game, Martin?
Liz: *laughing* He´s not a computer game, silly!

PS: Slow dial-up means minimal reading and commenting while I´m gone, unfortunately.
mood: okay
music: John reading in German to the kids


Yikes! Talk about travel horror stories... Cheers, tho, for Simone's magic fingers -- here's hoping it helps speed your recovery. ;-)

I'm lol at Karin's comment. *g*

Do the kids actually understand German, in addition to Swedish and English?

No, but Simone and John give them short phrases anyway, and we´ve talked a lot in front of them about how so many words are similar to Swedish. It´s embarrassing to realize that my 3 years of German so many years ago is completely gone.

Ouch. What a day.
Enjoy your enforced "downtime", we all need to slow things every now and then.

Kids these days...

on thursday, paul crunched his ankle in solidarity. i think he didn't want to be left out. lol. sounds like his is not as bad as yours... but it's definitly a take it easy weekend.

Bummer! I hope he heals quicker than me!!

I am sorry you had such an awful trip. But now you have had the worst, so things will just get better and better and you will have a lovely vacation!

I laughed hysterically at Karin's comment. These kids are definitely the computer generation. *laugh*

Haha Karin is a girl of this era, that is for sure. I am sorry that the trip was a challenge but I hope that you are going to enjoy yourself, despite the slow Internet connection.

What a hell trip indeed. Still, it sounds glorious where you are, I hope you (or Anders) can get some photos :)


Maybe you should compare this trip to that long ago trip from Hell to Oregon!!! At least you have a beautiful window view and brotherly support! And, thankfully the miracle worker named Simone! I hope the foot rapidly improves so you can enjoy the outdoors too! Love, Lizardmom


"trip from hell to Oregon"?!? Lizardmom is disparaging my former state?! :)

Welcome to the world of slow-ass dial-up. I'd have lots more time to do other stuff (like clean the house...not) if I didn't spend so much time waiting for pages to load.

So sorry to hear about your, travels...but thank god for Simone. May her fingers continue to work their magic so that by the time you head home you'll be feeling TONS better. And I, too, clamor for photos...please! ~Marilyn

Well, I was going to say that it sounded like the trip from hell, 'til I saw lizardmom's comment.
Hope your injury is feeling/getting better at a speedy pace (harhar).
"Life just gets funnier" is my new motto, since my injury....

try pulling your pants up with one hand and I'll try walking with one foot.... somewhere along the way it's got to be humorous.

And hey, I live with that slow dial up life all the time. Welcome to my world!! LOL

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