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I can walk! Well, I can hobble! Without a crutch, even, if I take it slow. Although, using one crutch helps a lot. My entire right heel and the top of my foot are a delicate cyan blue, and I´m filled with cabin fever after having been mostly prone for the last 4 days.

Everyone else has been skiing every day since Sunday, and today John and Anders went to St. Anton in Austria, leaving me homebound with the kids. Simone is at work, but gets home early today. Vacation is really boring when you can´t get out of the apartment and see anything. The snow makes it even more difficult as I can´t even be pushed in a wheelchair through 2 feet of the stuff, even though it is certainly satisfying all leftover snow cravings.

Tomorrow, however, we are planning to go into town, see Neuschwanstein and hopefully make it to Oberammergau.

I´ve read 2 books, filled an entire magazine worth of crossword puzzles and watched 3 movies (Hidalgo, Cold Mountain, Bowling for Columbine). We´ll have to plan another trip down here soon so that I can see more of Germany.
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