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I have now had a mountain fix. Mountains AND snow to be exact. The snow in Bavaria is so SNOWY. It's 2 feet, nay, 3 feet deep and white white white WHITE. It's fluffinated, caked on candy coating, sugar puff loveliness. And there are fairytale castles there, and mountains. O mountains! covered in conifers and frost-blasted, fog-sweatered trees. We spent the last day of our vacation frantically whisking ourselves around and about because 4 days of foot-pain-induced relative immobility gets old SO damn fast and I was determined to get out of the house at least one day and see something.

We drove to kitsch-central Oberammergau first and browsed the million and one holtzshnitzereis* goggling at the incredible amount of religious whackery that can be carved from wood. I succumbed to Kathe Wolfarht's Christmas Kindl Mart but didn't buy everything (wah) that I COULD have bought, if my husband hadn't been glued to my side, eyeballing my every movement, my every loving examination of oh! just one more wee wooden ornament. sigh

I walked the snow-packed streets with the help of a crutch, while the kids went maniac on the 6-foot high banked snowpiles lining the streets. Icicles from the painted stucco house rooftops reached legendary lengths. We ate schnitzel and spaetzle and thuringerwurst and sauerkraut at a little diner across the street from the Ettaler Abbey, a lovely golden dome set off by the blanketing depths of snow.

On to Ludwig the Mad's castle playground, only to jar to a shuddering halt at the highway robbing price of the horse carriage ride up the mountain (and not even ALL the way, the bastidges!) which was half price to come down again. Rolling in it, those horse-cabby guys. So we took some zoom closeups of the backside of Neuschwanstein, glowing silvery amid the pines and vowed to return. Anders and Martin took a turn about the outside of the yellow-stone-and-crenelated Hohenschwangau, which sits like a poor relation in the corner while the showy strumpet Neuschwanstein hogs all the attention, while John and Karin (I'm tired!) and my foot rested in a convenient hotel lounge.

The final filip to the day was a quick zoom around the pretty little town of Füssen where John and Simone live, along the River Lech, with the pretty white castle looming on the banks, held in by a long white town wall and stitched around with cobblestone streets. 1 day of sightseeing is NOT ENOUGH.

Today, we bookended our hellacious travel of last week with a matching performance by fog (Munich), delays (Lufthansa) and Murphy's Law (everyone else). We got up at the ungodly hour of 5:30 a.m., while a full moon glowed round and silver in the sky, and drove through alternating sunshine and fog to arrive in a completely white-wreathed city. Nearly all flights were cancelled, including ours. We were lucky enough to get rebooked on a direct flight leaving 2 hours after our original departure time (1 p.m.) only to suffer more delays caused by fog, and then unexplained standing around, and then a late plane, and then 2 passengers who checked their luggage but didn't board, necessitating wasted time while their luggage was found and removed, and THEN a luggage-removing vehicle that broke down while REMOVING THE LUGGAGE requiring rescue maintenance because they couldn't get it away from our plane so we could back away from the terminal and depart. Original home-arrival time was 1:30 p.m. Actual home-arrival time? 5:30 p.m. We could have driven the whole way and only added an hour to our travel time. Aggravation, incidentally, is spelled with 2 g's. As in GOOD GOD.

Cool Thing About the Flight: In-flight monitors showing views from cameras tucked under the nose of the plane, which tracked our take-off and view beneath us as we rose into the sky. It showed mostly cloud, however, during the 1.5 hour flight, which wasn't so different from the extreme breadths of pure white snow we had lifted off from, making me believe we weren't moving.

Not So Cool Thing About the Flight: In-flight monitors showing views from cameras tucked under the nose of the plane, which ALSO tracked our landing, making me eek in fear as the ground rose VERY FAST, whoa Nellie!, we're swaying, get that runway in the CENTER OF THE SCREEN! Aaagh!

PS Confidential to the GlitterFart Fairy: 4 packages of 9 Balisto bars for ya!


Martin: (while getting undressed for bathtime) *farts* Aaahhh...I needed that.
Liz: Good lord, you're taking after your daddy!
Liz & Martin *giggle madly*

*wood carving emporiums
mood: tired
music: Psychedelic Furs—Love My Way


Those in-flight cameras are unnerving. It sounds as if you're enjoying things despite the crutches.

Definitely a mixed blessing! ;-)

There is nothing like a good thuringerwurst and sauerkraut to get you into that authentic Germany mood. I laughed at the fart scenario. Farting always makes people laugh :D

Sounds like you did pretty good holding up on that last day for being on crutches....

Oh, you one-day-tour sounds absolutely grand. I'm so jealous. Daisy's best friend went to Germany for Christmas, around Heidelberg, and we were brought lots of German goodies. Daisy got a small wooden Christmas pyramid ornament that we have no intention of putting away until next Christmas. It is too lovely to put away. I do hope that you get back to visit your brother again soon so that you can really do the tourist thing. Hmmm! Why don't you take a week off by yourself in a few months to hang out with John and Simone?

We're going to try very hard to get down there again this summer. I have one of those pyramid Christmas ornaments, it the tabletop kind with the propeller on top? I wanted to buy a new one, actually because mine is so beat up and missing pieces, but we decided it was too unwieldy to get home with only Anders dealing with baggage. Next time...

I SO wish you could have been out and about the entire vacation. You're the sort of person who really appreciates stuff so it's NOT FAIR that you had only one day of sightseeing. You write so well that everyday we would have had the treat of almost-being-there with you! Welcome home, though...

awww, thanks, Geena!! I wish I could have been too. We're definitely going to try and go back this summer...if money allows :)

Oh my god! We still haven't even finished the first set!

--GlitterFart Fairy

Well, get eating, girl!

"It's fluffinated, caked on candy coating, sugar puff loveliness. And there are fairytale castles there, and mountains. O mountains! covered in conifers and frost-blasted, fog-sweatered trees."

Beautiful imagery.

Eagle eyed husbands should be left at home or deposited in the nearest bar with a large tankard of beer while one peruses the ornament marketplace, buys then hides the evidence. They can be such party poopers.

I'm glad you got to do a little sightseeing as I imagine that while you liked lying around looking gorgeous and reading avidly, enforced recuperation is just not the same thing as doing it by choice. It does sound like a magical place - castles, snow.... can I come, too?

You bet! And it's even more lovely in the summer!! We're planning on trying to get down there again this year :)

Glad you made it back safely, even if it was delayed. Man, I hope we don't have one of those under-the-plane cameras for our flight!

You must've flown SAS. Last time, I started swerving with the video feed as if I had personal responsibility for the whole plane. And then I tried to telepathically communicate to the pilot by thinking, "whoa dude, you really need to get this out of catty-wompus mode and fly us straight!"

Big fan of the nose-cam.

It was SAS...we haven't flown them in ages, they're usually too expensive. I was doing the psychic instructions as well! :D


Fluffy white snowbanks and castles? Good! Cameras attached to planes that give me vivid images of something I'd rather not see? Not so good. Glad you were able to get out and about. ~Marilyn

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