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Next year, do not go on vacation the week before the biggest trade show of the year and the week before 4 major publications need to go to print. 11-hour day today. I am totally beat.

Expat Bloggers in the News! Blogging's Cure For the Expat Blues (thanks for the link studiozoe...can I say I knew you when?)
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Cool link, thanks. Good luck getting everything done in time!

oh but what a vacation it was!

Get some rest, dear Lizardek. You're probably also worn out from struggling around on a cast-- your body is tired. ~bluepoppy

Good luck getting everything done!
Thanks for the true

"Like most expat bloggers, he started his site -- Megaijin, meaning "Me, Foreigner" -- to avoid sending mass e-mails to all of his friends and family members. But once his blog had been live for a few months, he started to get the sort of reader feedback that have made blogs so dear to certain expats."

Go Liz!

You can do it standing on one leg :)

Re: Go Liz!

and did! har!

Re: Go Liz!

with one leg tied behind my back, no less! :D

Still I don't think that you would have wanted to miss the vacation :) The body is just beat right now, crying out for some rest and when it gets it, it will be so grateful. xx

Well, rest hard tonight.. some hot cocoa might help too

My 15 minutes of fame has ended. Back to the world of obscurity!'re supposed to schedule a vacation from the vacation! Now I'm really exhausted just reading about it. Welcome home!

LOL :) Thank you! It's nice to see you posting again. I had been thinking of you before and wondering if all was well.

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