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Anders is watching Jägarna,* a Swedish movie starring Rolf Lassgård and Helena Bergström, whom I normally really like when they're together in movies. It's on Swedish TV regularly, but after watching a short portion of it once and finding it extremely distasteful, I've never bothered to watch the whole thing. So when I realized what movie it was, I asked Anders just now, "oh, is that the movie with the hunters and the horrible things and the mean people and the killing and ickiness?" and Anders gave me this sort of very patient guy look and said, "well, yes, I guess you can sum it up like that." Heh.

He'll watch nearly any movie that is scheduled on TV, it doesn't matter what it is, or how many times he's seen it before. I just can't do that. Even when it's a movie that I don't find objectionable, I often find myself wandering off halfway through to go do something else, or picking up a magazine or book and sort of paying half-attention to both of them. I think it's just the TV medium itself that turns me off and away.

Bleah. I don't want to talk about TV.

I'm tired. I can feel that sort of hot, stretchy feeling around my eyes that means if I laid my head on a pillow right now I'd be out in about 5 seconds. Why is it that I so rarely take my eyes up on that feeling? Instead, I sit at the computer and surf LJ or work on the AWC site, or whatever other projects I'm in the midst of...except my family homepage update and what the hell is THAT mental block all about?! And then at 11:00 p.m. or so, I finally give up and go to bed, only to read for 15 minutes half an hour 45 minutes oh AAGH! it can't be that late already!! and when the alarm goes off at 6:30 a.m. the next morning I just want to kick my stupid self.

Cracking Me Up: Dooce & the Internet's Most Embarrassing Moments

Which, while reading, has killed nearly an hour and a half that I could have been reading in bed sleeping. *kicks stupid self*

Really Great Writing Out There Right Now and I'm Not Just Saying That Cuz It Was My Idea: Thinkum's Hand-Me-Downs

*The Hunters
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Now now, don't approach an intellectual movie with reasoning! That way you can dump it in the trash straight away :D. You have to sit down for such a movie in an uncomfortable chair, look very serious and nod every five minutes.

~ and lets face it, you are another Internet addict, just like us. I keep planning to read as well, 15-10-5 minutes, but most of the time I just crash in my pillow. Don't worry, we will get there. Eventually.

Addict? to the internet? Moi?


Go to bed! Also, cute new userpic! When sushi goes bad....HAHAHA!

I can't! Must sit and obsessively refresh my journal to read all the lovely and funny comments! Addicted? Who, me?

When Anders and I were talking about movies and he mentioned liking "men's actors" like Clint Eastwood, I mentioned the film The Bridges of Madison County and he gave me the hairy eyeball and said he'd never forgive Clint for making that film. I had to laugh as he seems such a SNAG in a lot of ways, but really macho in his tastes :) Offer to watch that film with him and see him leave the room quickly.

I'm with you on the whole tv thing and luckily so is tallefjant, so our tv is rarely on and I get bored easily and start to read a book instead. Now books, I can never get enough of!

Go to bed, now! Or I'll get lizardmom on to you.

a SNAG? What's that?

And Lizardmom is off at one of her psychic conferences all week, so she ain't even reading, muahahaha!

Psychic conference? Then she'll know anyway and give you a virtual seeing to. We mothers have eyes in the back of our heads.

LOL! Did I ever tell you about the first time I mentioned to Anders that my mom was going to a psychic conference (it's not really a psychic conference, I'm just being snarky) and he was very quiet for a few seconds and then said, "Why does she need to GO?"

Sorry : SNAG is the acronym for Sensitive New Age Guy.

You've used the words macho AND sensitive...his movie tastes actually run to Wayne's World, The Naked Gun, Dumb & Dumber, etc. etc.

God, I'm so glad MY Anders didn't notice that was on TV last night. He loves that movie, yet I can't get him to sit down long enough to watch "Gandhi". But normally, his taste runs to those dark, depressing Swedish films where everybody's wallowing in guilt and miserable or dead at the end.

Thanks for the link to most embarrassing moments. I spent sooooooo much time reading and laughing over those :-)
do tell about lizardmom and the not psychic conferences. I lean toward some of the "woowoo" too...


I think that must be a GUY thing...that 'I'll just watch this movie on TV even though I've already seen it 8,000 times" thing. Because my guy does it, too. What really mystifies me is that we have a whole bunch of movies on DVD and video--and most of them he's only watched ONCE. But he'd still rather watch one airing on TV for the 12th time than indulge in a second viewing of a DVD. Go figure.

Do tell what your Mom's up to! So I won't feel so alone in IHAAFML ("I Have an Airy-Fairy Mom Land.") :) ~Marilyn

P.S. I was unfamiliar with SNAG, too.

Hee! My mom is a certified in Healing Touch and is a Wayshower at several different seminar organizations that have to do with different psychic practices. She's into all that stuff: Reiki, reincarnation, astrology, auras...she'd be better able to tell you more exactly about it :)

your husband sounds just like mine - Peter has & still does watch the same movies over & over again. I exit the room & enjoy some computer time, or go to bed & read. There is so much 007 a girl can take.

Snort, snort, snort, dork-alert...That's me on Dooce's comments at #11. There are more than 400 comments on that entry and, yep, that's me at #11. Ummmm. Not that I'm one of those doocers who really cares that I'm close to number one. (Although the highlight of my doocerlife was being in the top 10 once.)

I read yours! I knew it was you! :D Ya big dork!

up late up early

yeah-- it's always fun to keep staying up just a bit longer until MORNING HITS-- ugh and then I'm always all "damn, girl-- you idiot! you could've been in bed hours before but noooooo" ~bluepoppy

I never finished the movie either. When I realized they were going to hurt/kill the mentally disabled man, I walked out of the room.

The scene where the hunter was dragging the screaming woman down from the hunt-tower while that other guy cowered on the floor made me physically ill. :(

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