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Hey! Guess what I'm eating right now?! *bounces off the walls and carooms across the room*


Sent to me by a very nice woman who lives in Ohio and who participated in GISBE! Along with books and some other candy that I didn't really see very well because my nose was deep in the chocolate-covered raisin bag. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Thank you, Heather!

My poor partner is still waiting for hers, but it was mailed today, so it's finally on its way.
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Ooh, GISBE sounds like fun!

It was, except for the outrageous cost of postage! :)

I love raisins, chocolate covered or not. They also have them here with a yoghurt covering which is almost as nice, but the chocolate wins every time! How nice of her to send it to you, do you have them in your country as well?

I've been told that they can be found here in Sweden, but I've rarely seen them and usually they are outrageously expensive. I miss Brach's!

You can find chocolate covered raisins here. The gas station sells them occasionally, and as low as 3:95/hg. I got some a couple weeks ago. But they don't always have them.

and they don't always taste as good either. :P


Glad you like the raisins. I love those too. In fact I had to go back and buy another bag for you because I ate the first bag I bought!



I love chocolate covered pretzels too.

Whoops - I think I missed something. GISBE sounds like fun.

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