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You'll Eat It And You'll Like It!
Liz: *comes home after a full day of work and makes a tuna-mushroom-artichoke casserole with crumbled potato chips on top for dinner* Dinnertime!
Family: *comes to table*
Karin: *turns up nose and makes gagging noises*
Liz: You know, someday this will be your favorite dish, and you'll make it so well that someone will marry you for it.
Anders: *smiles at Liz*
Karin: *clutches throat, rolls eyes up in head*
Liz: ...or maybe that's just me.
Karin: *keels over in chair with a groan*

I'm having an illustration orgy. Every now and then I go on these kicks where I surf the web for artists and am totally blown away by what I find out there. I've been collecting art since I was old enough to wield a pair of green-rubber-handled blunt-end left-handed scissors. I have notebook after notebook filled with images cut from magazines, printed out and copied, hand-drawn, torn from various media. I don't have plans for them, they aren't fodder for collage (well, sometimes they are), I just collect them because I LOVE them so. They move me. They make me stop and stare. They cause me to turn pages slowly, turn back again, look once more. They fill up my brain with beauty.

There is never enough wall space to display all my coveted artwork and photography, especially with a husband who believes, unlike me and my family, that it's disturbing to cover every spare inch of wall with something to look at. I had all these fantasies, when we were building our house, that I would actually be able to hang up every last framed piece of artwork I owned. Ha! There is still a pile more than a foot deep, leaning against the closet wall, sadly swiped with a dustcloth every now and again. I rotate some of them, but there is just never enough room for it all.

I get out my notebooks once in awhile and leaf through them, pausing here and there for a beauty fix. I wonder what my children will make of these notebooks some day. Will they wonder why in the hell I saved that magazine photograph of a pile of frozen foods or that entire series of antique French alphabet book leafs? I'm intrigued by color, repeated patterns, the shape of a woman's neck. Rooster artwork nearly always makes me smile. Pointillism, watercolor washes, pen and ink, cross-hatching, they all grab something inside and pull gently. I'm my own private curator of a notebook gallery, a custom museum of beauty chosen by me, for me.

Illustrators I've Been Admiring Recently, in No Particular Order: David Hohn, Marla Baggetta, Barbara Hranilovich, Richard Johnson, Echo Chernik, Rocco Baviera, Robert M. Place
mood: artistic
music: Pete Townshend—Brilliant Blues


I LOVE that idea...making an "art" notebook :) Going to have to start one now

I LOVE that casserole, now that I can't get it, hehe! I also always loved those books of yours and I disctinctly remember how it changed the way I looked at a magazine.

That casserole sounds pretty good to me. Well, I'd have to make it w/o the tuna, what with being a vegetarian and all. But mushrooms and artichokes ... mmmmm.

egg noodles, 1 can of cream of mushroom (or cream of celery) soup, 1/3 cup of milk, 1 can mushrooms, 1 can artichoke hearts (or 1 pkg frozen). Cook noodles, then mix it all together, put crumbled potato chips or grated cheese on top and bake at 325F for 25 minutes. We sometimes add chopped celery or peas or black olives as well. MUMS!

That sounds so yummy and I'll be making it this week!

I guess Karen would have turned up her nose at our Taco Fish last night as well. She really cracks me up, though I guess if I'd worked aqll day, made dinner and got that response, she may have been wearing the meal!

She came awfully close. Put 1 can of artichoke hearts in, chopped, too. :)


ooooo... illustration links! eat 'em up, yum!

Ah Liz... you are truly a girl after my own heart. I don't have organized notebooks, but I have boxes upon boxes of pretty scraps... none of which I can bear to part with. One day, in the not to distant future, when I am truly old and rickety, Meals on Wheels will come to my house and find me up to my earlobes in boxes of pretty scraps and dog hair. And I'll be toothless, but grinning anyway. It will all be so gruesome and heartening. hee.

xo Wee

It's the Virgo moon and ascendant that causes the anal retentiveness organization. :P

Kids have weird taste... who knows maybe in a month she'll eat it!

She's eaten it without complaint her entire life up until yesterday (although, granted, I don't usually put artichokes in)

Food jags!

I love that you do that. I do it too, although slightly more methodically perhaps, not sure. Every time I read a magazine (and I buy a LOT of magazines) I fold over a page that appeals to me. About once ever three weeks I go through all of my magazines and find all of those folded over pages and the ones that still appeal to me for some reason, I tear out. I collect piles and piles and piles and piles and piles of torn out pages or images :) And then once every few months I'll file them. I have different folders for things that relate to a house like a colour combination I like that might inspire paint colours, or a light I like or something I'd do at home like a handbag with things sewn on it, or something really random that inspires a thought, and then another folder with things relating to me, for colours that I think are nice in terms of clothes, even if they're on a couch and cushion, or a health article, and so on, and then a travel one and an 'inspiring' one and so on :) I love flicking through them!

Separated at birth! Except for the fact that you're tiny and skinny and blonde, of course. :P

I go through magazines each time they threaten to overflow the basket they live in and tear out everything I want to keep. :)


I, too, tear out images to keep, but don't keep them in notebooks...I throw them in file folders. Sometimes I'm not even sure why the image speaks to me--I just know that it does. I can't bear to throw out magazines, but I also can't stand to KEEP stuff. So I tear out what I want...and then pass the mags onto others you might enjoy them (or what's left of them).

That casserole sounds yummy. I'm totally gonna try soon as I start, you know, cooking. ~Marilyn

I could almost see the whole dinner drama unfold. Maybe, because it happens here almost every night.

I loved all the links to the illustrators. Talk about talent. Makes me want to take up drawing again in my "spare time".

Spare time? What's that?

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