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Spring is rapidly approaching and in the interest of dropping a few pounds before it gets here, I thought I'd take a tip from the most effective dieting plan I've ever seen.

Dude! The snowman in our yard?

He just sits in the sun and the weight melts off
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This is the diet I need. But I am not sure I would want his nose. *laugh*

hee! and ours had kiwi eyes, so I'm not sure I'd want those either. The kids were trying to show me his moldy cucumber nose lying on the ground in the front yard this morning, and I refused to look at it. EW!

My new exercise plan is dancing. I remember idahoswede having a similar plan several weeks ago.

like YOU need to lose any weight!!

Well, no, I don't really need to lose weight [a couple pounds wouldn't hurt]. It's more of a keeping healthy thing for me.. you know, weight bearing exercise, etc,etc... And I certainly don't need to gain any weight. I am very sedentary these daze, and there is a threat of contracting a new/old disease, butt-itis. I have neither the $ nor the self esteem to acquire a new wardrobe to accommodate a butt as big as a couch cushion. I am getting used to the post menopausal belly, or pretending to... but a butt that out of proportion to my frame and the rest of my body... well, I think I'll dance! My bones will appreciate it too.

Didn't I see one of those machines on Little Rascals? You sit in it and melt the pounds off. And the year is 1935. So be sure to keep your full bodied underwear on babe, or that'd just be indecent.

(Was it those fat twins that went in it and they came out all skinny?)

(I haven't seen that in 30 years.)

(Probably remembering it all wrong.)

Small problem: We are in Sweden. There IS no sun!

But if only it were that simple...

I could afford to melt a few pounds off my hips, if only spring would come.


But dear if you were to sit in the front yard all day and night now eating or drinking anything, you would most likely wither away too.

*grin* The thought is kind of attractive at the moment. :)

you are freaking . . .



Re: you are freaking . . .

Yep, no problem with water retention for that guy! ahahahaha! I crack myself up!

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