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If you know of any good links for scrapbooking, images, collage, altered books, I would very much appreciate your posting them in the comments. I'm compiling a list to print out for the people coming to the Scrapbooking/Collage Social Circle tomorrow night.


Edited to add, here's what I have so far. Please feel free to send more I might have missed!!:
http://www.abovethemark.com, Rubber stamps, and much more
http://www.queenoftarts.com, Rubber stamps, etc.
http://www.collagejoy.com, Goodies for collage, scrapbooking
http://www.rubberbaby.com, Rubber stamps, etc.
http://www.scrappershaven.com, Scrapbooking supplies, etc.
http://www.thescrapbookplace.com, Scrapbooking supplies, etc.
http://www.limitededitionrs.com, Rubber stamps, etc.
http://www.stampington.com, Rubber stamps, scrapbooking, you name it
http://www.rubberpoet.com, Rubber stamps, etc.
http://www.rubbertrouble.com, Rubber stamps, etc.
http://www.clubscrap.com, Scrapbooking supplies, etc.
http://www.inkywings.com, Rubber stamps, etc.
http://www.artchixstudio.com, Collage, rubber stamps, etc.

http://www.artrenewal.org, Famous Paintings in high resolution
http://www.charles-rupert.com, Wallpapers!
http://www.yaneff.com/html/gallery/artist_gallery.html, Vintage posters
http://www.sandafayre.com/gallery/gallery.htm, Postage stamp library
http://www.doverpublications.com/present8, Weekly images from Dover publications
http://www.godecookery.com/clipart/clart.htm, Medieval woodcuts clip art
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