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If you know of any good links for scrapbooking, images, collage, altered books, I would very much appreciate your posting them in the comments. I'm compiling a list to print out for the people coming to the Scrapbooking/Collage Social Circle tomorrow night.


Edited to add, here's what I have so far. Please feel free to send more I might have missed!!:
Supplies/Ideas, Rubber stamps, and much more, Rubber stamps, etc., Goodies for collage, scrapbooking, Rubber stamps, etc., Scrapbooking supplies, etc., Scrapbooking supplies, etc., Rubber stamps, etc., Rubber stamps, scrapbooking, you name it, Rubber stamps, etc., Rubber stamps, etc., Scrapbooking supplies, etc., Rubber stamps, etc., Collage, rubber stamps, etc.

Images, Famous Paintings in high resolution, Wallpapers!, Vintage posters, Postage stamp library, Weekly images from Dover publications, Medieval woodcuts clip art
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Oh, and and and for a couple of other interesting links.

goodie! I'll add them to the list! and thanks for that ad database! yummy :)

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