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I think I figured out what my problem is. My brain is not the boss of me. My tongue, my TONGUE, is the boss of me. Earlier this week it was a gigantic large second helping of chicken-mushroom-artichoke casserole. Yesterday it was chocolate cake. Today? Popcorn and vanilla creams. I think I need a middle manager. Hee!

Anders has been gone for 2 days to Dublin, Ireland on a business trip, and every time I tell someone where he is, I say Dublin in an Irish accent. What's up with that? I blame The Commitments. He gets home tonight. I told him to bring me something cool and Irish-y, and I'm taking bets that he interprets that to mean whiskey.

Things I Wish People Would Get the Urge to Send Me Lots of Right Now: Reese's Fast Break Bars, Reese's Fast Break Bars, Reese's Fast Break Bars. (there goes my TONGUE again) (mmmm...Reese's Fast Break Bars)
mood: bouncy
music: Miranda Sex Garden—Ah Look Upon These Eyes


Having tongue issues myself. Trying to not feel guilty by running. Not sure if one sort of discipline really makes up for the lack of another.

Not. Allowed. To. Buy. Chocolate. Easter. Eggs. Anymore.

i could go for some of those reeses peanut butter cups...mmmmm
hmmm, dare i ask about your music choice??

Miranda Sex Garden I bought the album years ago...I have several of their songs on mixed tapes. :)

Sometimes when I say "Mexico" I say it with Spanish pronunciation so it sounds like May-hee-co. Or have you ever watched a foreign language news report and noticed they'll suddenly mention an American city in an American accent? I think this is pretty common.

So, I have to ask...since there are so many accents in America, what exactly does an American accent aound like over there? Southern? East coast? Midwestern?

Oy, I know how that is.

I did an entire post on how my tongue is the boss of me. If you email me your address I will totally send you some Reeces Fast Break bars.

Re: Oy, I know how that is.

Ohmigod, you wrote the post I should have written. But you wrote it so much better than I could have. And now my brain is saying don't send the address, because the tongue (or rather that unruly mob of tastebuds on it) will never be overthrown if you do) but oh!! Can't. Resist.

Liz Slaughter-Ek
Platanvägen 25
S-24032 Flyinge, Sweden

Re: Oy, I know how that is.

Loved that post!

Re: Oy, I know how that is.

hee-larious post. I loved it. Thank you.

In my linguistics class we talked about the sort of generic American accent that newscasters tend to have. It's not really Southern, East Coast, Midwestern or any of that. It sort of blends. It's hard to describe without hearing it. Anyway, in my previous comment I just meant they say American names in a distinctly non-native accent. I suppose "American" is a bit broad.

I'm not offended, just curious...It's the English/Grammar Geek in me rearing its head!

Top o' the mornin' to you

I say Dublin in an Irish accent. I'd diagnose a case of pre-St Patrick's Day syndrome. The only cure is to wear something green :)

I'm thankful that despite your protest that you are ruled by the tongue, you refrained from using the tongue icon!

Re: Top o' the mornin' to you

darn! why didn't I think of that?! hahahaahaha!

Don't worry, I say Dublin with an Irish accent as well, it is too tempting not to because that accent is fun!

Yeah, but I bet you don't do the Riverdance dance steps at the same time. :P hahaah! just kidding. :D


Okay, now I have to Google Reese's Fast Break Bars to see what the hell they are...(sweets for point guards??) ~Marilyn

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