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How To Make Me Feel Old: Tell me with all the seriousness available to your 5-year-old self that the song on the radio is a good one and ask me to turn it up. It was the remake of The Who's Behind Blue Eyes.

Re Melodifestivalen 2005: Nana was robbed. Even though we did think Las Vegas is a good song and Martin Stenmark a cutie. How is a song about a gambling town in another country supposed to be the best representation of Sweden? Hmmm...Also, rather against my will, I found myself really enjoying Jill Johnson's Redneck Woman.

Sigh: I was right about the whiskey. Do I know my husband or what?

Despite having had no plans today, I was very accomplished and productive. I worked on AWC stuff, Mosaic Minds stuff, went to the mall and got Karin a pair of "speedy shoes," did the grocery shopping plus picked up the long-overdue Valentine's Day goodies I had promised the kids the day I hurt my foot. I did laundry and dishes. I answered some long overdue emails. I read several chapters of Sherlock Holmes. I napped. Much-needed. :)

Very Cool Stuff: Giant Steps
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