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How To Make Me Feel Old: Tell me with all the seriousness available to your 5-year-old self that the song on the radio is a good one and ask me to turn it up. It was the remake of The Who's Behind Blue Eyes.

Re Melodifestivalen 2005: Nana was robbed. Even though we did think Las Vegas is a good song and Martin Stenmark a cutie. How is a song about a gambling town in another country supposed to be the best representation of Sweden? Hmmm...Also, rather against my will, I found myself really enjoying Jill Johnson's Redneck Woman.

Sigh: I was right about the whiskey. Do I know my husband or what?

Despite having had no plans today, I was very accomplished and productive. I worked on AWC stuff, Mosaic Minds stuff, went to the mall and got Karin a pair of "speedy shoes," did the grocery shopping plus picked up the long-overdue Valentine's Day goodies I had promised the kids the day I hurt my foot. I did laundry and dishes. I answered some long overdue emails. I read several chapters of Sherlock Holmes. I napped. Much-needed. :)

Very Cool Stuff: Giant Steps
mood: accomplished
music: John Coltrane—Dahomey Dance


He brought you whiskey from Ireland! Too funny that you knew. Ah well - nothing wrong with a little whiskey - much better than a nice Irish knit sweater, or ...

Except for the minor details that 1) I don't drink and 2) it was for him. :P

Thanks for the link to Giant Steps. That was so great. Visualised music. :)

Yeah, that was very cool, very impressive!

(love 'speedy shoes')

Such good taste in music! When is the next deadline for Mosiac Minds?

March 31st for April 15th :)

Totally right about Nanne. That was a great song and deserved much better. I also liked Carola during the "song-bird time." And Jill Johnson did a great job doing country-western, but it was SO WEIRD for me to listen to a Swede impersonating, for lack of a better example, Shania Twain. In spite of myself, I too liked it (in a sentimental sort of way). But I would never be caught dead listening to such crap in the States!

And I agree about Las Vegas. Martin is a serious cutie with a good voice...but the song is totally inappropriate for Melodifestival!

Carola does nothing for me, although I agree she has a good voice. I like Jill's voice, too, and she can really belt it out, but I agree that I wouldn't listen to country & western, for the most part, unless you paid me, and I'd grumble even then.

I hear THAT!

I find country music to be head-ache-inducing 95% of the time...and I was a news anchor for a highly successful country radio station for a number of years in the U.S. (Needless to say, I had a head-ache most of the time I worked there.)

Re: I hear THAT!

I can see you in chaps and a stetson, line-dancing your heart out, Shazz! :P

Speedy shoes? Is that some kind of brandname or can you run really quickly on them?

Karin only wants boy's shoes, and they have to be snabba skor, which literally means "speedy shoes" in Swedish. She wants to be able to GO FAST, MOM! in them. :D She put them on at the store and zoomed around for a few minutes before declaring them up to her standards. :)

Wow!! To still have that energy :)

Melodifestivalen???? *shakes head* For that you deserve the whiskey.

The remark about the music reminds me of when my son was a teen and I was telling him about Led Zeppelin and hauled out my vinyls and played them. He was astounded, loved them and couldn't believe that I would have liked them. He and his friends then raided my Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Animals, Doors, Santana etc and I was officially declared "cool".

We watched it for the kid's sake, no really. :P

I wonder if that will happen to me, being declared cool by my children because of my musical tastes. Somehow I doubt it, even though I WAS cool once. :D

productivo is your middle name!

My darling Lizardek-- there is NEVER a time you are not supremely productive. You are the goddess of accomplishment and all of us lazy-assed types keep a shrine to you! ~bluepoppy

Limp Bizkit (the remake for Behind Blue Eyes) is an excellent cover. Much better than Gwen Stefani's cover (She does Rich Girl as opposed to the original, Rich Man from Fiddler on the Roof.)

I hear you. This is one time when popular vote doesn't win. My Swede was going for her, but she lost by 3 whopping points! What is that?

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