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Ohmigod, it's SO late! I have to go to bed!! Crazy busy day at work, followed by short interval with babysitting in-laws and quick dinner, then out the door for choir, and finally home to wrestle with a pile of AWC website changes. And it's nearly midnight! SHIT!

But I can't go to bed without taking a moment to wish

Great Big Beautiful Birthday Wishes to brief_therapy!!
mood: hyper
music: none. just me.


You're hyper around midnight? Sheesh. I am dead by dinner time. My kids suck it right out of me, starting at 7 a.m. (what a nice Mommy I am).

Oh to have such energy. It is something I dream of. Not even mass amounts of caffeine can make me perky. Man, I wish I lived near you. Maybe some of your bounciness would rub off onto me, and then I could keep up with my chillllllldrenssssss.


well, I have to blame it on choir. I was so drained after work that I was stumbling around the house like a zombie. I had serious arguments in my head about how much better it would be to lie down on the couch instead of driving half an hour to Malmo. But I ALWAYS leave choir practice with more energy than I get there with :) I guess "hyper" was a bit of an exaggeration, though, since I crashed almost immediately after I wrote that last night :O

How sweet that your last thought before crashing to bed was me and my birthday! Thanks for the hyper remembrance!

And not at all oddly, you kept popping up in my dreams all night!! :)

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