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Summer breeds a sort of ecstatic mania among Swedes, probably because it's so fleeting here. The trappings of summer are treated with a worshipful reverence that borders on lust. The appearance of Swedish strawberries and the tiny, buttery new potatoes, which have a place of honor on the traditional Midsummer menu, is awaited with breathlessness and much anticipatory lip-smacking. This morning the radio DJs announced that the first new potatoes of the season will be sold in Helsingborg this weekend, the last weekend in March, 3 days before the official advent of Spring, for 500 KRONOR A KILO. That is $73 dollars at today's exchange rate.

For 2.2 pounds of potatoes.

Tuber or not tuber.

My mom will be here in 3 weeks. *happy dance* She's asked my brother and I to furnish her with our shopping wish lists. I'm making a list and checking it twice! *whistles* The amount of things that I really miss, that I can't find substitutes for, that I must have has decreased drastically from my first few years here. I get along without most of my comfort food favorites and have found substitutes for others. I still import a lot of over-the-counter cold remedies, Advil, chewable digestive tablets and toothpaste, though, and force my husband and my mom to carry the heavy bottles of my shampoo and conditioner whenever he goes over for a business trip or she comes to visit, since as far as I'm concerned the haircare choices here are either highway-robbing-price-gougers or total shite.

Wishing I Could See: Spamalot (Tim Curry!), Wicked, The Lion King
I miss the theater and concert scene in Chicago. I want to go to a show! waah!
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You can see musicals! Just hop on a plane, and stay with me for a long weekend in NY! Cheap tickets on Malaysian and Continental....

::reads price quote::

::reads price quote again::


Christ! £38 for 2.2lbs of spuds! JEEEEZUS!

I think you should have a greenhouse and grow your own. You could make a fortune! :)

With MY brown thumb?? hee!

So you'll be doing the low carb diet this weekend? I wonder who would pay such a price? I used to be puzzled by the potato fever in spring, but now I find that I do look forward to seeing them every year. But not 500kr excited!

Me. I would. I have been majorly craving new potatoes this year. With butter, and pan-fried with shallots and rosemary. Or maybe just butter. And salt. And... *sigh* Well, no, I wouldn't actually dream of spending that kind of money on potatoes, but since I also won't be in Helsingborg this weekend, I can pretend that I am eager to shell out 500 kronor IF ONLY I were in the area. Yeah. I think people buy them just so they can say they were the morons that paid a small fortune for a potato. (They might leave the moron part out, but it's understood.)

I am Dutch but don't even like potatoes, they are our national food. I think someone should pay ME for eating them!

Potatoes...mmmm...with butter and salt...yuuuuummmmm

Well...yes.. with butter its another story but we never got butter with it, just plainly cooked with salt and since I don't like gravy its not really something for me but with real butter, yessss

After her bath, Ingrid likes to play that she is a "säck potatis" (spelling?) and she wraps herself up in her giant hooded towel. That's the only kind of potato I'd pay that kind of money for. ;-)


I've missed a LOT of things from the mainland, but I think you win...with POTATOES. I just learned recently that all this time--whenever I'd eat West Indian food--that the 'sweet potatoes' I've been eating weren't sweet potatoes after all...they're WHITE potatoes that are mixed with tomatoes and stuff to SWEETEN them. ~Marilyn

Fresh strawberries and new potatoes...such goodness. I'll pay good money for that (though not quite $73/ kilo).

Ditto on the diminishing list of things missed. I've found suitable and occasionally superior replacements for most things. *sighs*...finally.


Did someone metion strawberries! We have a couple of patches in the garden ... though my husband, claims it's his hobby!(yeah right honey)I'm the one who doing the back breaking work of picking them.

My FIL's patches are something to die for ;)There so big & juicy !!I sware he's out every everning on his hands & knees talking to them. It's quite a set up there, since they live out in the country. Not only is it fenced in, netted, he's rigged an electric wiring from an inch from the ground to a foot ... no one can enter until he switches the power.

Re: Strawberries

Mmmm...strawberries! I bought some last week at astronomical prices but the kids ate them all before I could get at them! :(

Those better be the best tasting spuds on the planet! Zoinks.

Wicked is my no-surprises, planned in advance birthday gift from Trevor's mom. I also have a mini stack of Spamalot playbills; if you'd like one, it's yours. A friend of mine in NYC says the ticket prices for it are, let's say, not unlike new potatoes.

That's okay, although thank you for the offer. It would just make me sad I can't go see it myself. Boo hoo! I'm very envious, let's just say. :)

Holy cost of potatoes! That's crazy!

Get out! Do the Irish know about this? They could make a killing. Let alone Idaho farmers. Sooooo glad your mom is coming. Sometimes a girl needs her mom.

I always need my mom :)

500kr? Are you sure the DJ read that number right? Maybe he put in one too many 0s in it.

nope. positive. everyone on the morning show was boggling about it.

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