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Why do so many women get stuck in 8th grade cliquey cattiness and never grow out of it? What is up with that? Just a rhetorical question, as I'm not in the mood for a rant. It makes me sad, though. (and it's nothing to do with my online friends, thankfully). Does badmouthing someone else REALLY make people feel better?!

Anders is in Italy this week so I'm doing the single-parent thing for a couple of nights. So far, so good. Karin is back in another phase of testing, pushing limits as far as they will go, until she runs headfirst into the fact that I am WAY more stubborn than her, and bigger to boot. sigh

Really Cool Stuff: Name Wizard

I've had a lot of questions about what kind of dog we are looking for, and why we don't consider this dog or that dog, etc. We have spent some time trying to narrow the incredibly huge choices of dog breeds down already, but still have a handful of possibilities, with one major front-runner: the flat-coated retriever. We are not 100% sure that the breed is the right choice for us yet, though, so we plan on doing more research and talking to breeders and meeting some actual dogs before we nail down our choice. We know what we don't want, but we have to find out if what we DO want is the right fit. We're just getting started on this, and have a ways to go, I suspect, before we'll be happy puppy owners. After Sunday, we've also realized we BOTH need to tested for allergies, since even though neither of us has previously had trouble with dogs, and I've tested negative for them in the past, it's better to be safe than sorry, since allergies are sneaky things and change on you. There is, ironically, more planning, logistics and preparation involved here than when we decided to try and have a baby. And I am IMMENSELY grateful for all the advice and thoughtful help I've been receiving on the subject!!

Thankfully, Testing is Available Online: What Dog is Right For You? (not a quiz...exactly)

I finally finished Volume 1 of the collected Sherlock Holmes and then ripped through the first 3 Lemony Snicket books (would probably have enjoyed them much more if I was 11 although I liked the artwork) and the 5 Spiderwick Chronicle books (much better and so was the artwork, but still would have liked them better as a pre-teen). Lemony's habit of condescendingly defining words for the reader was annoying the 3rd time and fingernail-on-the-chalkboard grating by the eleventy-zillionth time. If you think I'm being picky about books that half the global population is in love with, it's because I've read way more young adult books than the global population has, and believe me, there is better stuff out there.

And no, I am not taking out my annoyance with women who can't stop playing their stupid little 8th grade games on a couple of poor undeserving book series.

Gigantic Happy Birthday Wishes to the Wonderful Amylou and vraptorz!

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Love the icon. *g*

Life is too short to waste it on clique kerfuffles. I wish more people felt that way.

The name wizard doohickey is also very cool (even if it does show my name falling out of favor ::sniffle::).


Hee! Me, too. I may have to use it even when I'm feeling non-ranty, just because I like it so much. :D I don't know what it is about rooster art. I loves it. Even though real roosters? eh, not so much.


As someone else who has read a million young adult books, I pretty much agree about Lemony Snicket. I liked the first one but definitely didn't love it. In fact, I wasn't even that tempted to move onto the second book.


I had to force myself through the 3rd one. I'm REALLY glad I borrowed instead of buying.

Lemony Snicket. . . Ugh. Didn't find it clever at all, really. I'm glad I'm not the only one (as another compulsive reader of YA books).

Yep, telling people off (apparantly) makes you feel better, see this article by BBC science >>

Personally it doesn't do much for me.

I'm not really talking about telling someone off to their face, though, it's more the badmouthing behind people's backs that I just don't understand. :(

I think that it gives the same gratification, which is also related to sexuality. You get some high from it, but its very childish and self-centered to do.

"Does badmouthing someone else REALLY make people feel better?!"

I find the more insecure a person is underneath their self professed greatness and mine never stink masks, the more they put people down.

Personally, I find it much more rewarding to focus on people's positives than negatives. I'm not perfect mind you. I have my 8th grade moments from time to time, but for the most part I try to be more compassionate than anything.

Things aren't always as they appear and mine do stink. I've learned that the hard way. Too bad other people can't learn it too. You know, open their hearts, minds, souls, and noses (recognizing that theirs also stink). LOL!!! The world truly would be a better place.


Good luck with Karen. It goes in cycles doesn't it? One moment they are the world's best kids and then the next, they are the world's worst nightmares (so to speak).


I know what you mean, I have my own 8th grade moments too, but at least I recognize them and try to AVOID them, unlike some. I enjoy a good gossip as much as the next girl, but I think some people just repeatedly cross the line. :(


Why do so many women get stuck in 8th grade cliquey cattiness and never grow out of it?

Why indeed. Exactly why I don't associate with females at work. Or, for the most part, anywhere.

It's not at work either, although I've been in that situation before, too. It just seems to be GROUPS of women. Weirdness.

I've never understood people who create chaos around them, especially people who start fights at work through rumors, etc. How could that be a fun work environment for anyone?

When I don't like someone, my main course of action is to just ignore/avoid them. Unfortunately I was in a friendship with a very manipulative person who took advantage of my loyalty as a friend and got me dragged into all kinds of drama. Thank God I wiggled my way out of that one.

I personally think a whippet or a rhodesian ridgeback would be a good choice.

I don't know anything about rhodesian ridgebacks, I'll have to look them up.

I too am a fan of books for young adults (well actually I tend to focus on the 10 -13 year old audience). What are some of your favorites?

I'm presently reading "The Neverending Story" with my 5th grade class. Such a great book.

I tend to veer towards the fantasy and classics, to be honest. One that I read recently and really enjoyed was Lionboy by Zizou Cordier.

Why do so many women get stuck in 8th grade cliquey cattiness and never grow out of it?

Um, they're sociopaths who feel no remorse over stabbing other people in the back?

Please rant: you'll feel better, and we'll all enjoy it. For a certain definition of 'enjoy'.

nope, no can do. You never know who's reading. :)

Yes you can. Create a rant filter just for me 'n you! I told you that there were ranting possibilities hidden deep inside of you.

I agree that the death by a thousand cuts type of cattiness is a pain. I prefer to just ignore people like that and let them bitch and moan on to whoever they like.

This ia a really good <a href="> dog selector</a> too. I love dogs, and can't wait to get one.

Huh! that was an excellent link. It's set me on the trail of curly-coated retrievers now. Hmmm...

ALSO, THANK YOU a million billion times for the Fast Break bars!! They came today and I'm SO HAPPY!!! thank you thank you thank you! :)

puppy choice?

yellow lab!! yellow lab mix-- heeeeeee, mais bien sur!!

and just tell those "8th grade" women to F--k off----- we are SO done with that bullsh-t.


Re: puppy choice?

:D hee!

Whoa! Totally cool to get birthday wishes but,, it's not my birthday. Maybe it's my "4 1/2 months" after my birthday party. Which is really, really great. And from this moment on I will always celebrate March 21st as such. But I'm just wondering, how is it that it became a day to celebrate me?

In case I didn't make myself perfectly clear, however, I'm NOT COMPLAINING...only curious. :-)

stor kram och tack för grattiset!

DOH!! You got birthday wishes because I put your name instead of knackebrod Amy!! I'll fix that right away!

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