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Today I left work 2 hours early because I could no longer resist the siren song of the sun. The kids, who bitched at me yesterday to please pick them up earlier today, grumped at me when I appeared in the daycare doorway that I was too early, whereupon I rolled my eyes and bundled up their muck-schlurped playclothes and took them home.

I did the happy dance at the mailbox (2 packages!) and then I sat down in my sunny living room with the deck doors open wide to the fresh, clean spring air and the woven-rush-bead curtain moving quietly in the breeze and thought about the wonderful power of the internet as I ate a Reese's Fast Break bar sent to me by the fabulous hi_from_sheryl, while checking out my new copy of Rantus Dark & the Unspoken Children* by the talentedverian, while wearing a brooch made exclusively for me by the creative galestorm and listening to a rocking CD mix made and sent to me by the wonderful therealshedork. Then I went online and saw that a total stranger had graciously responded to my request to share the coding she did on a community layout that I admired. Hey, Internet? You rock!

Then I shut the deck doors because geez louise it may be spring but it's still damn cold here in Sweden. *shiver*

The return of the sun and the advent of the growing season is sparking an answering rush and bubble in my veins. My blood is whooshing, my scalp is tingling, my ears are buzzing. There aren't many buds yet, although the stonecrop is thinking about it, and the snowdrops are bowing drowsily in the borders. I have high hopes that my little lilac and birthday cherry tree have survived the wet winter and will put forth leaves soon. I want to start power-walking again, as well, but am unfortunately a bit hindered by the residual limp I'm still sporting. It doesn't hurt to walk anymore, unless I overdo it, which I frequently do, being a chronic over-doer. But it hurts to walk FAST, which is what I do best, and it still twinges on uneven ground and stairs, enough to make me VERY wary of spraining the stupid thing again. I've had several people confirm, including the doctor, that it can take up to a YEAR for a sprain to heal 100% and that the chances of re-spraining are very high unless you are very careful. Which I intend to be, so my mantra is easy does it for the duration.

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*available here
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You were spoiled today Liz! :) What does the brooch look like?

Oh, it's gorgeous! It's a tripoly game piece, shaped like a triangle, painted a pale eggplanty purple, stamped with the head and shoulders of a woman in black and then glazed. She made it for me on request a few months ago and I love it so much I wear it all the time. :)

I love personalized gifts. They mean so much more than something you would buy in a store.


Damn you, LiveJournal! I've been getting blocked again...(insert John Hurt voice), "I AM NOT A SPAMMER!" (Did I lose you with that one?) A YEAR?! Jeez, louise!! I'd be careful and wary, too. So it's sunny there, eh? Glad Spring has arrived for you! Cool about the presents...the internet DOES rock! ~Marilyn

no, you didn't lose me, you made me laugh out loud. I'm telling you, Marilyn...get an LJ for commenting! (whispers in Darth Vader voice)

Ah! Great writing! We had sun here too today but, alas, no warmth that I could tell.

I know that sprains take ages to fully recover. You can feel the weakness for months afterwards, so be very careful. The sun and warmth is lovely - very much "spring in the air".

"......and thought about the wonderful power of the internet "

Ah.... who'd a thunk ole heartsong would agree wholeheartedly with this [used to pretend to be a luddite]
I picture you doing the happy dance, adapted to your foot owie.... take care of that foot.

I twisted it again slightly today, stumbling over Martin when I turned and he was right behind me without my realizing it, it's been sore again all day. Wah!!

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