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There's nothing for making you feel old like your baby brother having a birthday. Any birthday. 30 was one of the best years of my life, and I had no problem whatsoever with it, ditto with 31 through 34...but the year I turned 35 my baby brother turned 30 and HOLY SHIT WAS I OLD.

Super Duper Slacker Birthday Wishes to johann_metzger!

In other news, how much prison time can I expect for totally braining my child if she doesn't SHUT UP AND GO TO SLEEP ALREADY?!
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What a pity Martha is out of jail. You could have joined her and made a poncho together or get a prison tattoo, get roughed up in the shower by a large inmate named Big Bertha....

Not worth it really, is it? I suggest valium in her evening milk.

The sad part is, it won't stop with him turning 30. My own baby brother is now a hoary 35, and it's freaking me out more and more, with each birthday that passes.

Know what makes me feel really old, though? His daughter is going to be our flowergirl. MY LITTLE BABY BROTHER HAS A DAUGHTER OLD ENOUGH TO BE THE FLOWERGIRL AT MY WEDDING.


(I'm just going to go look for my cane and walker, now...)

Don't forget your prunes, dearie. :D

My brother turned 36 yesterday, so he's been making me feel old for sometime, the rat bastard.

::smacks gums together, and goes looking for her dentures::


Happy birthday to your brother who either doesn't write as often as he should or filters me out of it ;)

There's a reason why his nickname is SLACKER.

i am a slacker

hey Courtesy!
Lizardek is right about me having the nickname slacker, I havent posted anything for quite some time, so thanks for the slap to the face and the wake up call, maybe I will get it back together and write something about my recent travels to Italy, Chamonix, and the upcoming trip to St. Moritz...Since I gathered you miss the mountains and might want to hear something about the wonderful ski season here in the Alps. Although I would love a trip to the Outback too....i am getting a bit tired of all the snow we had here.

Till next time!

Re: i am a slacker

Hi slacker! Don't worry, I'm one too, just in different areas. And yes, as you well know, I do miss the mountains so would love to hear about those travels when you get around to it :)

get ready! time passes quickly

Well get ready! I have a son who was moaning to me the other day about being almost thirty. Actually he has a year and and five months to go, but he's starting early on the moaning and worrying. A son who is almost thirty!

Re: get ready! time passes quickly

Hee! My mom is moaning about the same thing in the comment after you :D

Re: get ready! time passes quickly

I remember at 49, just weeks before my Mom passed, talking with her about being so near to fifty and she ask me if I could imagine what it was like to have a daughter who was 49?


Oh yeah- I relate to the last post- Just wait until it's your own son!!!!Oh wait- never learn the ages- always have to figure the math....that makes it easier to always remember the younger times! :) Love, Lizardmom

I totally know what you mean ... my baby brother turned 28 last month and he was telling me the other day that his 10-year high school reunion is coming up this summer. That made me feel way, way older than anything has so far!

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