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The Easter Bunny has trailed a wake of sugar-coma-induced destruction. Darn that glycosidic bunny! It may take us a couple of weeks to come down from the high. The Easter weekend has been both bad and good. Martin and I attended the AWC Easter Egg Hunt, along with 39 other extremely excited children. Karin, however, was at home, learning that Mommy is serious about the consequences for bad behavior. :( She made me proud though, by accepting her punishment bravely, for the most part, and I think she (and I) have both learned something from it, which makes it almost worth it. She got to participate in an egg hunt later in the evening at a friend's house, so she didn't miss out completely. Life is busy and getting busier, almost as if the sun is stirring our social calendar to life. Every day on the calendar is marked with something for the foreseeable future. Today, nothing is planned and I'm glad. And the sun is shining in a blue sky for, like, the zillionth day in a row. Bless!

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