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The Easter Bunny has trailed a wake of sugar-coma-induced destruction. Darn that glycosidic bunny! It may take us a couple of weeks to come down from the high. The Easter weekend has been both bad and good. Martin and I attended the AWC Easter Egg Hunt, along with 39 other extremely excited children. Karin, however, was at home, learning that Mommy is serious about the consequences for bad behavior. :( She made me proud though, by accepting her punishment bravely, for the most part, and I think she (and I) have both learned something from it, which makes it almost worth it. She got to participate in an egg hunt later in the evening at a friend's house, so she didn't miss out completely. Life is busy and getting busier, almost as if the sun is stirring our social calendar to life. Every day on the calendar is marked with something for the foreseeable future. Today, nothing is planned and I'm glad. And the sun is shining in a blue sky for, like, the zillionth day in a row. Bless!

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those are some pretty colored eggs! what did you use to color them? :)

glad påsk (även om lite försenat)!

American food coloring, white vinegar and boiling water :)

Wow, points for you for sticking to your guns with Karin. I can imagine that must have been hard.

Love the pictures. Just the cutest.

You have no idea how hard :( or maybe you do, but it sure wasn't easy.

As always, your family is just too cute for words.

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It's one of our firmest parenting tenents: consistency AND follow-through. It sure ain't easy, though.

"sun is stirring our social calendar to life" I love that phrase and I think it is so true after a long winter!
You have just the cutest kids btw.

aw! thanks, you :)

I knew there was a reason I like you so much! My favorite people are those who mean what they say and do what they mean--even when it's hard work. When I think back about my parents, I realize they really did know what they were doing, even if they didn't know it at the time. The best thing thing they ever did for me was to give me boundaries and consequences. And just look at how great I turned out!!


:) It sure ain't easy, though. I have so much more respect for my parents nowadays! Boundaries and consequences are, indeed, SO very important, and not just to our children :)

Ohhh, so many memories there! Just looking at those wonderful pictures, I can still smell the vinegar, and hear my mother telling us not to spill the dye all over the kitchen table...

(I also love the moose placemats under your bowls of dye. ::grin::)

And three cheers for bravery! to both you and Karin. ;-)

I loves my moose placemats! I want 2 more of them, but haven't been successful in hunting them down yet. The smell of vinegar is intrinsically tied to easter egg coloring for me, too :)

Oh the hard lessons of life! It's not easy being the enforcer of rules.*speaks from experience* Take good care of yourself.

Thanks, you. It was a hard experience, both for her and for us. This kid never lets us relax for a moment.

Hmmm, now I'm wondering what mischief she got into!

The Easter Bunny hid the eggs for Ingrid, and then she had to hide them three or four more times for us to find.

It was ugly :( you don't want to know.


I must admit that's the first time I've ever head the word "glycosidic." :) Pictures are adorable. ~Marilyn

I think I made it up. :D

That must have been heard. It looks to me like Karin could put up and angel face and then you would be the 'bad mommy' :) Were these eggs that you could still eat or were they hollow?

thats hard not heard

what a GREAT mommy you are!

discipline and sticking to the discipline has to be one of the hardest things about parenting (I am guessing as I am not a parent)

but as a long (looooong) time teacher I applaud you for holding strong with Karin-- parents who cave raise children who just don't know what "no" means and that is so hard . .

Plus, it is so critical to teach children boundaries . . anyway-- just wanted to tell you hooray because I know it has to be hard-- hell, I can hardly say no to my dogs and you've seen where THAT has gotten me . .!


Re: what a GREAT mommy you are!

thanks for the words of encouragement. It was (and is) REALLY hard to do, but it's one of our most firm tenets of parenting: consistency and FOLLOW-THROUGH. We try really hard not to make threats or promises that we can't/won't/don't follow up on.

and . .

. . oh my GOD your kids are CUTE!!! Adorable!


Re: and . .

most of the time :P

Good for you for sticking to your guns! It is very difficult to do that but maybe nex time she'll think twice.

DD has been testing a lot since we moved. The other night I had to "escort" her out of the grocery store so daddy could finish shopping by himself. It was a way long walk to the car...

2 words...Duct tape.

Works every time.

Just you wait. I'll try it when you get here...on YOU. ahahahahaha!

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