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Dear Internet,

I have a confession to make. I've been seeing someone else. She used to be my number-one until you came along and turned everything upside-down. Now, I'm feeling like a fool, torn between, never mind. It's just she's so jealous! She's constantly wanting me to do things with her, go places together, and it means less time with YOU. I feel guilty when I'm with her. I feel guilty when I'm with you. Finding time to spend with each of you seems more and more difficult these days, but I'm trying! Anyway, I just thought it was only fair to let you know that I can't be faithful to you alone. Real-Life and I have a semi-open relationship, you see. She knows about you.

I hope we can still be friends.

All my love,

The Best of All Birthday Wishes to My Beeg Leetle Seester!
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music: REM—Final Straw

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That explains you not writing for 3 days, and here I was hoping you had updated your family website so I could see some more pics of your lovely family!

but no, its just been choir, easter candy and karin keeping you away....

Simone and I found Ben and Jerrys ice cream for the first time here in Germany, we had cookie dough and strawberry cheesecake!!! fun fun fun.
Interesting sidenote - Simone originally thought that Cookie Dough was pronounced Cookie Duff....and she called it that for a full year while in the united states....hehehehehe

3 days? It was only TWO! Choir, easter candy, Karin and AWC. Plus work. Plus a good book. Plus SLEEPING, can't forget that. No family web page updates. AAGH.

You slut!

I know! Hee!

Feeling vaguely naughty reading that.

Well, it made ME giggle :D


Dear lizardek,

I am bereft now.
The days and bytes are so long
Without your sweet posts.

~ The Internet

I'm SO SORRY, my darling dear! I swear I'll try and make it up to you! *sends flowers*

heee heeee

go have a life, silly-- we'll all be here when you get back! BTW, we are good with the three-way . . feh. ~bluepoppy

Re: heee heeee

Hee! :D

Well now, that explains it! I'm such a fool for you. I'll be waiting for whatever moments you have to give! (heehee)

:D That makes me feel better!!

I am so amused.
I need to write a letter like that too.
Being a swinger is so exhausting...


I think your relationship is probably safe, as long as the Internet doesn't start hanging up on you. ;-)

Could you have possibly, more perfectly, spun my angst into liberation? I don't think so.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I so needed this post. From you. Today.

You rock my world, Zirdy-bird!

Glad I could put a smile on your face! :)

Well no worries because I have been seeing your partner the Internet as well so he is not all that faithful. You can call me a hussy now if you want to!


It's okay, we understand. Happy for you, breaking those chains - hope you're having fun!
Hopefully Mr. Internet understands as well. :) ~ samantha

Man, you are hilarious and creative!!!! The whole time I was also nodding along - saying, yes, yes, too...I know...I understand.

:D It's exactly what it must feel like, although I've never actually HAD two lovers! :D

Baby, you've got brilliance written all over you. But there's still only room for one person in my little mind, so kindly get out of my head. TY


bwahahah! *smooch*


Liz, you shameless hussy! Two timing us like that! The horror, the horror. I'm thinking it's time for some intensive one-on-one therapy.

"love, LOVE will keep us together... think of me babe whenever... some sweet talking blog comes along... singin' a song... you've just got to be strong...."

and unrelated: What is an RSS feed?! Should I have one? Is it important? Do all the Kewl Kids have one? Does my lack of RSS feed make me less of a woman? Or simple not much of a blogger?

xo Wee

LOL! Who knew swinging would be so exhausting??

An RSS feed, as I understand it is some sort of formatting that you provide in the code of your blog so that it can accessed or gathered in one central place by those who subscribe to it. I don't know exactly how they work, but all those sites that have links to "syndicate this site" or a little XML button (or Atom Feed or RSS feed) do. If you have one and I subscribe to it, then I can see when I check my LJ Friends page when you've updated your blog without having to go click on it directly. Then I can go to it to see what you're up to and comment when I see that you've updated! :)

That evil meanie, tearing you away from us. *sob* And you hussy for allowing it to happen!

I know, I know, I'm whore-ible! :P

Boy, that is what is happening in MY life, as well. Real Life is a jealous mistress, I must say. Not that she forbids contact, but she does just take up a whole bunch of time.

Amen, sister! :)

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