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What the hell are you doing, sitting there at your computer, reading this?? The SUN IS SHINING! It's spring! GO OUTSIDE!

*opens doors and windows wide*
mood: bouncy
music: Joe Cocker—You Can Leave Your Hat On


The sun's not shining anymore, but we were out earlier when it was ... does that count? :)

It shore does! :D Twizzlers on the way!

well i just came in! i sat outside and had my lunch and chatted with my landlord :)

You're at YOUR computer. How's that love affair with real life going? Hard to juggle two passions at once, especially when they know about each other now, huh?

There's no sunshine here, unfortunately!!!


nuh uh.

*shakes head*

you can't make me

*grabs desk and grits teeth*

actually i would, but i'm stuck here for work *sigh*

no it isn't. not yet. although the birds are starting up already...

I had to come in...I think I got a burn :P I want to go back out though!

*presses nose against glass*

I'm being paid to sit here. Well, not to read LJ, but nobody knows that... ;-)

Is that an April Fools Day joke? We have no sun here today.

Bummer for you!! It's GORGEOUS here :) :) :)

Oooh, the sun decided to peak out for a little while just when I took my lunch break! Yeah! Thanks for nudging it in my direction.;-)

I was just taking a break from working outside on the balcony to get my pots&plants back in order! It is lovely outside, I am hot in just a top and pants phew. I hope it'll stay this way for a bit longer but well, you never know with April heh.

Smart woman! We had the sun yesterday and I'm so glad I got out in it because we're back to rain today.

We've got one of those lovely fronts (or whatever you call 'em) sitting on us. It's been blue skies and sunshine for days. I'm in heaven!

::pouts:: Nada here but cloud cover.

Glad you're having a lovely day, though! ;-)

Ouch! Don't be so confrontational!

Yes I know I am enough too much !!!! :-D

Hee! I don't know how it was down there yesterday, but it's been simply GORGEOUS here!! It's 8:30 a.m. now and the sky is blue blue blue!

I did and it was wonderful. I did somersaults on the jungle gym and played in the sandbox too. Heck, I even had a drink at a terrace and watched lazors shoot around in the night sky.

That sounds simply awesome! :)

I would if I could but I'm working from 11am to 10pm :(

Sorry, there's no sun out now. Although earlier today, I was walking & driving around with the stupid ads (depends on the location, I was doing both at the same time.) Of course, you'll probably reply to me when the sun is shining in the morning, and I'll be busy at class, so I'll reply again in late evening, and the vicious circle goes again.

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