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  • I had to vote on 6 out of 17 books suggested for our next books for the AWC book group. Despite wanting to choose books that I've read because I know how good they are and I really want to share them, I managed to vote ONLY for books I haven't yet read. Woot!

  • My mom is going to be here in 3.5 days. Yay!

  • I have a huge pile of CDs with songs on them that I want to mix for gale_storm but just realized that 1) only about 10-11 songs fit on a CD if they're not in MP3 format, and 2) I don't know how to get them from their original CDs to my computer so I can burn them. Copying and pasting doesn't seem to work. And I call myself a computer-geek. O the shame!

  • The sky was totally blue and the sun was shining AGAIN. I will never get tired of saying that. Nope!

  • Anders made tomato and onion soup from scratch for dinner with macaroni noodles in it. Yum!

  • My to-do list is actually looking manageable, providing I quit surfing blogs and knuckle down. Hee!

  • I'm reading Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles for the first time, and some of his descriptive language is mindblowingly beautiful. Wow!

  • I just checked my library inventory and discovered that I was really off on my memory of how many books I have. Doh!

  • My books-to-buy list currently has 365 books on it. If I could buy a book a day, it would only take me a year to polish off the list. Heh!

  • 2 of the plants in our front yard garden have flowers even though they have no new leaves yet. Cool!

  • The sky was totally blue and the sun was shining AGAIN! See?!
Song Snippet Running Through My Brain Right Now: Do you wanna dance? Do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya wanna dance? Say, do you wanna dance, Under the moonlight, Squeeze me all through the night, Oh baby, do you wanna dance? Make it stop!
mood: busy
music: Judybats—Don't Drop the Baby


I use Windows Media Player to "rip" CDs (it will copy the songs from the CD and convert them to MP3 format). Although the MP3 format doesn't seem to be available in all versions.

What if I don't want to rip them to MP3s, though? I was thinking to keep them audio files so that she wasn't limited to playing it on the computer or DVD player, but maybe that just isn't possible?? I could have sworn it was possible to copy from a CD to the computer. :(

I don't know whether you use a special software program to burn CDs, but most of these allow you to create a regular audio CD based on MP3. I use Nero and that one works fine: I just say that I want an audio CD, I select the MP3s I want and I can play the resulting CD in my regular CD player. I used other software before (can't remember the name though...) and with that software it was possible as well.

Nero works for me too. I just stick the CDs in and grab the selected songs, then once I have the order right, I stick in a blank and rip away.

Ahhhhhhhhh! Now I'll have to cover my eyes instead of my ears so that song will stop flipping through MY brain. So cool that your mom is coming!

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LOL! Definitely a bit manic!

Yay for flowers in gardens! :) *BIG HUG*

I was going to say the same thing as wavebreaker: if you copy them to your computer as MP3 files, you can paste them back as audio files, as long as you select "Audio CD" in whatever program you use. Nero is still the best program to use.

PS, you can have up to 17-18 songs on a CD, as long as you have the room for it. Make sure you have the 700 MB/80 min discs, and watch the time gauge at the bottom of the window.

We usually rip songs from CD directly to WAV format and then burn the WAV files to the CD using Nero, and that will play in a regular CD player, no need to convert. There are programs that do this.. I use CDEx, although.. a version I downloaded a long time ago so.. I don't know what exactly the new one is like. (I just don't need to do this much so haven't updated it.) I just took some loopy cough syrup or I might expound upon this further, but I think instead perhaps I should go to bed. ;)

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nearly 3 weeks! And my brother is coming in the middle of it for 10 days as well! YAY!

How exciting your mom is coming for a visit ... enjoy the time together :)


Your reading habit is awe-inspiring. I'm a fairly quick reader, but I positively LOATHED reading as a child. I didn't really begin enjoying it until I was 35...what the hell is up with THAT?? ~Marilyn

Funny you should use the word "habit." :D I am an avowed biblioholic! What a bummer that you loathed reading as a child. Do you know why? There must have been some trauma that caused it.

so how many books do ya have? huh? HUH?

hee! 1500+

my mere 971 are humbled...

*bows down before the master*


Just call me MRS LIBRARY!

Yay for lizardmom's visit! Say hello from us. I know you are ALL going to enjoy having her to stay. Let's hope the gorgeous spring weather continues.

My book wish list is as long as yours :( When will I ever get time to buy and read them. I have a lot of inter-library loans, which is a cheap way of getting more books. Lars-Göran went and picked the latest batch up for me yesterday as I was busy with laundry, baking etc and he tells me they have allocated a special "Marie shelf" just for my loans (I average about 6-7 books a week).

I have something like 35 books in a pile to read here at home, as well :) I wish I had more time for just relaxing and reading!!

Is it The Ramones version, or?

LOL! no, but now you've changed it to I Wanna Be Sedated! *dances away*

I have that as my ring signal! It's probably my favorite although it's a toss up between Blitzkrieg Bop and Teenage Lobotomy as well.

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