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Karin: ...If you weren't here, would I have to get a new mama?

Liz: *maniacally* NO! I'm your mama! I'm the best mama you'll ever have and you'll never have another mama because I'm the best mama in the whole wide world...*pause, then continuing brightly* ...well, except for MY mama! SHE'S the best mama in the world!

Martin: Ja, jag håller med.*

Liz: *nodding*


Liz: *affronted* HEY!

Martin & Karin: *giggle madly*

*Yes, I agree.
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music: Cajsa Stina Åkerström—Socker, Knäckebröd och Choklad


Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Aren't kids and their observations wonderful? I laughed heartily at your being outmanoeuvred by Martin. You must be slipping :)

I think you were set up. ;-)

You were just asking for that one...

I think I got jipped on the mama deal. ;)


I love those kinds of moments.

oooh tricky girl

she's a clever one, for sure!


Love those moments too ! Soon grandma is coming to spoil them rotten.

I laugh at Kyle when he sits on my lap & says "I love you mum, you're the best" which really means, I'm hungry what are we eating? & when?.

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