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Home again today with a feverish child (different one) which is giving me fits because WORK!* but at least I can get the last things done around the house before Mom comes tomorrow and burn that CD for galestorm. Thank goodness Anders and I can switch off mornings and afternoons.

It Never Fails to Make Me Laugh: "I'm crushing your head!"

*I know they don't get sick on purpose to keep me from work, but AAGH.
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I ALWAYS laugh at "I'm crushing your head!" What is it about it that is so funny....? :)

I never even saw the Kids in the Hall skit that inspired it, but my brother introduced it to me and ever since then it just makes me snort with laughter :)

I've actually done that head-crushing motion at strangers who were bothering me. In my defense, I was all of 17 & a rabid KITH fan.

When I first looked at this icon, though, I thought it was of someone making a commentary on another's equipment size. Thanks for reminding of those great KITH skits.

hehehehe..i love crushing peoples heads ;)

I'm hanging on to yours until sushi next Friday. So don't stress. That is, unless you're not coming to sushi.

I'm definitely coming, and I can bring it then. I burned it, but am not 100% sure that it worked correctly. I don't think it can be played on anything other than a computer or at least a hi-speed CDR drive. After sushi, I have to hang out for awhile before picking up my brother at the train station, are you up for that?

Sure, why not?

As for whether it works, that's okay -- I'd be ripping the songs to my computer anyway. But out of curiosity, how did you burn it? Which program did you use? Or did you just drag and drop files?

I used our Roxio CD creator, I dragged and dropped.

Hm, I'm not familiar with that one, but I'm sure it'll be fine, no matter what.

It's mostly that I wanted you to be able to use it on a regular stereo if you wanted, and apparently it won't.

Don't worry about it for me because I don't even have a regular stereo. That's what the computer is for. :)

I still crush people's heads on a regular basis. The best part is when people who are not in the know ask me, "What are you doing?".

and your only answer is a maniacal laugh! muahahahahaha!

I'm outta the loop on the head crushing thing.

Hee! You hold your fingers up in front of you, framing the head of the person whose bugging you (you usually have to squint like a maniac, too), and make squishing motions and noises. :D

oh, *realization dawns* ... like the icon...
well now, I could use that technique now and again

hope your baby is feeling better

*sending hugs*


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