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I'll never stop missing my mom when she's not with me. I don't think I'll ever be too old for my mama. And now she's here! And it's great. :)

It's been a crazy couple of weeks with work and class and sick kids. Anders is going to be gone all next week on a business trip so I'm even more grateful that my mom is here to help out, and the kids have been wound tight as rubber-bands counting down the days to her arrival. Now they're ignoring us all equally in the wake of the fun gifts that she bestowed. We all made out like bandits, it's been like Christmas around here today.* Then to celebrate her arrival in Sweden after a grueling 24-hour trip, we made her go to McDonald's. ooooooh, the irony.

Martin has had a tough couple of days with ongoing fever, chills, aches, coughs and headaches. He's looked so peaked and wan, it's just heartbreaking. He's finally starting to feel a bit better. Poor little boo. In the middle of it all he lost a top front tooth and when he smiles at me with those big brown eyes and that great big gap it just kills me.

At work, we've been having some discussion about changing my job title because we might be hiring a junior assistant for our department, and there could be confusion between our various job responsibilities. I did some brainstorming and sent a list of suggestions to my boss, which thoroughly cracked me up. I had a little help from this great site, and came up with these: Dynamic Marketing Designer, Creative Coordination Consultant, Senior Implementation Orchestrator, Product Creative Specialist...hee!

I realized today that it costs nearly $100 to fill our car(s) with gas each time we fill the tank. Man, that sucks.

Bonny Bright Birthday Wishes to reebert!

*Books! Candy! CDs! Clothes! Toys! Food! But the best present was Mom. :)
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I'm jealous that you have your mom (and Shazzer will soon have her mom). My mom can't fly so she won't ever be coming over here. (Of course she can't fly. No one's mom can fly. But my mom can't fly on an airplane either.)

Can't or won't?? :( what a bummer! I hope you get to go home and see her soon.

Say Hey to Mom for me!

I love it when moms come to town. Happy, happy to you all. Enjoy every second. Every single one.

Wooo mom is here :) oh I would find it very hard to live without my mom close by. We live only 30 minutes away by bus. I see her twice a week, she is such a big part of my life. I hope that the kids will get better soon.

$100 for gas? Prices are rising like crazy with gas. Over here as well. I couldn't exactly tell you how much we pay for a full tank since I don't drive the car myself but it is a lot.

EEP! I'll never complain about gas prices again. Glad you're having fun with your mommy. I've been missing mine lately

YAY! Have a GREAT time with your mum.

Shall I send my CV to be your dept's assistant?! :) Bit of a way to commute tho.

Wouldn't that be cool!

Yeah for moms. Enjoy your time together.
I'm counting the days till I get to see mine. 19.

yahoo for Moms!! Have a wonderful time with yours.


My youngest niece is missing her front teeth...that gap-toothed smile IS a killer. (Hope Martin feels better soon.) $100 for gas?! And I thought California prices were outrageous! (Are you driving a CAR?! vs. a motorhome, I mean.) ~Marilyn

That's to fill a Volvo or an Audi, 4-doors both, although the Volvo is a station wagon. :(

Enjoy your visit with your Mum :)

Poor Martin being sick, I'm sure he'll be good & healthy real soon.

Gas is what? over 11 kronor per litre now, isn’t it just crazy. We have a diesel driven car & the price per litre isn’t any better.

Yay, warm Swedish välkommen to lizardmom.

Hi, lizardmom! Welcome to Sweden and I hope you have a ball with the crazy Ek family.

Poor Martin. Hope the little tyk4e gets better soon.

Lizardmom says it was very nice of you to acknowledge her and thank you, and this household is a lot calmer than the one she raised. :D

"this household is a lot calmer than the one she raised. :D"


You'll never stop missing your mom.

I miss my mom.

Me too. I miss my mom.
I cried when I read: "I'll never stop missing my mom when she's not with me."

I'll never stop missing my mom when she's not with me. I don't think I'll ever be too old for my mama.

Me either -- on both counts.

it costs nearly $100 to fill our car(s) with gas


I know! When I heard what gas prices were in the U.S. I was pretty boggled too! It's always been much more expensive here, but this is just ridiculous. My mom said she read that the gas and oil companies are having their best profit year ever...what a surprise. My worry is that since people are obviously paying these prices, why should they ever take them back down???

$100!! I was going to say I'll stop complaining about our gas prices but they're damn high and they are only projecting that they will go up, up, up and up. :-(

Not that our salaries have gone up, up, up to accomodate that increase!

Yeah, the gas prices are outrageous. But what's even sicker is that only this year has the Swedish government put on an extra tax on the gas prices. It is still causing an outrage up here in Dalarna.

That's cool that your mom is coming. She's the only mom you have. Hey, when is your mom coming to visit (or is she already there)?

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