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The next two weeks are just insane. Insane, I tell you! Look! Look at this!! Am I right or am I right?

Monday: Scout outing with Martin
Tuesday: Car inspection
Wednesday: choir
Thursday: Open house & dance recital at school
Friday: Sushi night and John arrives
Saturday: Emily & Martin for dinner
Sunday: Brunch and Tropikariet in Helsingborg
Monday: Parent-teacher conference
Tuesday: whoa. nothing! can it be true??
Wednesday: choir
Thursday: Book group
Friday: Social circle & dinner
Saturday: Potluck AWC dinner
Sunday: Scout outing and then dinner with Anders' parents
Monday: Mom & John leave, AWC monthly meeting

My head hurts just looking at that list.

Sunshiney, Warm & Wonderful Birthday Wishes to kissekat!
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You do this to yourself, you have NO sympathy from me at all. How's lizardmom enjoying her visit so far?

Sympathy can be found in the dictionary between shit and syphilis. I, on the other hand, was simply looking for AGREEMENT. >:D hahaha! At least 3 of the things on that list would have been dealt with by my husband if he wasn't taking off on a weeklong business trip tomorrow. Yesterday I took my mom grocery shopping, today our big job was visiting the plantskola and buying a mess of lovely pansies, ranunculus, wisteria and ivy and filling up the big pots in the front yard, plus caring for 1 very sick kid. Who has contaminated ME! aaagh!

I see a massive GAP in that plant list which I feel I must do something to remedy soon.

They didn't have them yet :) They are SUMMER flowers, you know! hahaha!

Oh admit it, you love it.

I'm having major guilt feelings about the thought of cancelling at least 2 of them. Must. Be. Strong.

I'm tellin' ya - You. Are. RIGHT!!!

It's amazing how having kids will do that to a person. Sure they are wonderful and endearing, but offspring sure can make a person's to-do list LONG-ERRRRRRRRRRR, and a bit more unpredictable and interesting (to say the least).

May the force be with you!!!

After reading that list I'm going to take a nap.

Hey, you suggested that I drop by to see your moose collection sometime...I see you have an opening next Tuesday! I'll bring some flowers and you can clean the house and dust off those moose and cook a nice meal for us. Deal? (Note the proper use of the plural.)

erm... :D

Don't forget to breathe

breathe, breathe, breathe

except for the virulent germs-- DONT'T breathe them--- that flu sounds nasty

but do breathe through these next weeks. try to focus on the moment at hand-- the event in the moment and let tomorrow go-- it will arrive soon enough--- big hugs! ~bluepoppy

I don't know. Looks like one extra thing a day, pretty much. Just ride that wave, girlie. Ride the wave. Take it from one who has just done two weeks that look suspiciously like that. Only I don't sing.

It's on top of work and having company during the same time. :) yikes!

Liz, I see you are free Tuesday. Would you like to come over for dinner? It's a BYO of course :)

To see the expression on your face would be oh so worth it! :D

With you, lizardmom and the rugrats PLUS you bringing dinner would make me beam with joy :) Shall I ask Karin if she wants to come see Lambi next week?


I don't know how you Moms do it. My sister-in-law shuttles their three kids to schools (three different ones) and multiple activities in two different towns. Planning, planning, planning, eh?! Hope you find some time in between all of the activities to just SIT and rest a moment...when you're not entertaining company, of course! (And hopefully you can fend off that nasty bug.) Hope Karin feels better soon. ~Marilyn

Thank you. *smile* I hope the bug soons takes a hike from your house and you can just enjoy your time with your mom.

Oy! Just...OY!

(And I thought *my* schedule was hectic, these past few weeks...)

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