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SUCK time remind me to have more sympathy for my children when they're sick with something I'm going to get. There should be a law that parents have to be sick first so that they know what they're dealing with. Ow my head.
mood: sick
music: Karin's got her bounce back, make her stop


That's the worst. You have what they had and now they have their bounce back. It ought to be outlawed.

Feel better soon!

Ya', what she said.

It's true. I'd support that law, and enforce it too. LOL!

Hope you feel better soon, Liz.

Here is to your bounce being put back into your step. :-+

get better soon!

I've said it before...sometimes the body has to go to drastic measures to get some very busy people to slow the heck down and take it easy. Please tell us you are going to cancel some of that stuff on your daybook now? I'll let you off the hook for the moose showing, for example. :-)

Can't fight the fightin' virus, that's for sure. We managed to palm Martin off on the other Scout parents tonight. Tomorrow I've got the car inspection still, but I'm thinking of cancelling choir on Wednesday at least. How about a raincheck on the moose collection?? I'm so happy for you about your job!!

I see, I see, any excuse not to come to dinner. Very sneaky! *pout*

waaah. don't be mean to me. my head hurts. :(

Have more sympathy for your kids.....

Oh dear, I sent George to school today with a hacky cough again...


at least you have your mama there to help! I do hope you feel better soon, and there's nothing like the crud to slow you down...

*sending hugs, hot tea, and shoulder rubs* take good care of yourself and get well soon.

Feel better soon.
I'd take the kids off your hands for a few hours, but I'm sure your mum would'nt like that during her visit.

oh NOooooooooo

*offering Lizardek hot tea*

Snuggle down under the covers-- I am so sorry you are sick. Gah. Be gentle with yourself-- hope you are feeling better soon. ~bluepoppy

Re: oh NOooooooooo

*hack, wheeze, cough* Thag Oo, Bluepobby

I agree with brief_therapy, when you can't get yourself to slow down to a healthy level, the body has a way of taking care of things.

Poetic really.

Feel better.


Funny how that works (the whole "I should have had more sympathy" thing. :) Hope you FEEL BETTER SOON! ~Marilyn


o, Liz!!! Get better! I know from recent experience how truly it sucks to be sick! pampr yourself and splurge on the Kleenex with LOTION in it. so worth the extra coin! Oooo... i think i'm experiencing sympathy pains... or a flashback... or allergies or something.

Kisses on your fevered little head! xo Wee

Good Grief! You must really be sick if it's Thursday and you still haven't posted. I'd worry you were dead if you hadn't stopped by my blog ;) Feel better soon!

Thag Oo...I'b feelig bedder. A liddle.

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