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Geez louise, I'm sick.

I'b so sick I habn't wridden in 3 days.

That's pretty damn sick.


"Nobody wants to read that," says my mom. Dude. She's right.

More later.



Cracking Me Up: We Licked Our Hands
mood: crappy
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get cozy!

rest and be cozy--- I know it is miserable to be sick but it is also a way for your body to tell you to breathe and rest and heal . . . hope you feel better SOON! ~bluepoppy

Re: get cozy!

Me, too! I'm very sick of being sick!!

get better soon. rest. rest. rest.

thank you kindly, ma'am :)

ooh maaaan!! I hope you feel better!! it's this weather....warm then cold warm then cold......If I had any more Nyquil I would run it over to ya, but sadly, the swedes drank it...for fun.....*blink blink*

Louise (my middle name) says "off to bed sweetie where you can sweat and vegitate under your blanket until you feel better" rest! Big hugs, Monique

I wish! I've been sleeping as much as possible, but what with having to work AND wanting to infect be around my mom as much as possible, it hasn't been as much as it should. :P

How do you FIND all these great bloggers? I try to imagine how many hours you have to spend on the internet to discover these pearls. The "hands" piece was funny, but there's a bunch of other funny stuff on there. What a fun bouncy person she sounds like.

On the other front, sorry you are down for the count. Draggin' girl! And when your mom's there. What a drag. Grrr. Boo. Hiss.

Keep my eyes open, read really fast, click even faster. :) Someone else on my flist recommended this one, and I've really been enjoying her, too.

It sucks being sick when mom is here! I feel so guilty about it, not that I can do much.

I hear you. I'm on my second cold in 2 weeks. That or I have a really long cold with a built in hibernation period. Sick days are no fun when you're actually sick.

We don't even get sick days here, waaah! :(

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Poor you, you sound awful.
Hang tight and stay warm, you'll feel better before you know it!

Oh dear, hope you feel better soon :(


oh no! not still sick!

I hope you are better soon, and that you're having lots of comforting food (like spicy chicken soup) to help you on your road to being well.

Me, too. This is getting really old. :(

Please tell your mom that we do want to read that. Heh! Your online friends care about you and we've been wondering where you've been. I thought that perhaps you were busy with your mom, so I'm so sorry that you're ill. Luckily you have you mommy there. Or, as you would say it ... you hab you're mubby dare. Hope you feel better soon. Mwah!

I'm sorry I haven't been online so much. I've had to work through most of this, and when I've been home the last 3 days, I've mostly been sleeping or sitting in a fog. Thanks :) :)

I hope you feel better soon. *hugs*

thank you kindly :)

i hope you feel weller sooner!

Aw Geez girl! I'm so sorry you're feeling so poorly! The blogosphere missed you when you're gone. Is youre mom still there? I hope so, so she can nurse you back to health.

She's here, and thank goodness, because I don't know how I would have managed this week otherwise with Anders gone!!

Hope you're feeling much better today, than you were when you made this entry! *sends vibes of extra sleep and comfort food*

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