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Spring springity spring, spring! Sproing! Little dandelions have jumped up out of nowhere, the grass has sun freckles. The sky is a pure, peerless turquoise, but from the window I can see wispy cirrus clouds stealing over from the west. Our little garden out front is exploding, too. The lewisia and columbine are up, the stonecrop is coming, the sedum is rounded and shining. Pink and purple flowers already standing high from the polka-dotted-leafed plant whose name I can never remember. Anders and Martin were playing frisbee earlier but it's too windy for that, really.

Mom is making humpke soup, a recipe my father learned when we lived in Belgium that became a family favorite. I haven't had it since well before he died. We made apple-cinnamon muffins for a brunch tomorrow, so the whole house smells like goodness and sunshine. John and Martin are rasslin' in the playroom, Karin is using Anders as a jungle gym. Mom is resting now, reading my friend Chuck's book, she's been chuckling to herself several times already. I'm halfway through Donna Tartt's The Little Friend.

We've got company coming for dinner, an easy meal: soup, salad, bread to dunk. Hopefully an evening walk in the late sunshine although my foot's been paining me today. The house is resounding with laughter and conversation. My cold seems to be finally done.

Good times.
mood: happy
music: Les Humphries Singers—Mexico


it's it PUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURDIFUL outside!! I mean, REALLY! It is perfect! couldn't ask for better weather!

glad to hear you are feeling better.

Ah, you are seeing things through spring colored glasses. Glad your cold is better. Have fun.

God, isn't it just amazing what a little (okay, a lot) of sunshine and temperatures above 0 can do to a yard? Gorgeous day further north as well.

I keep forgetting to thank you for recommending his book. I bought it a while ago but didn't get time to read it until I was sick. I loved it! I am lending it to one of my american classmates and I am hoping she enjoys it just as much. *smile*


I think everyone who is sick should read it. I wouldn't feel so left out then.

Happy springity spring to you, Liz. Glad you are (or seem to be) feeling better. My mom was out two weeks ago and it perked me up, although she didn't make any soup. Tell Anders we all get to be jungle gyms at least once...


Sick or not, I think everyone should read it, because it's GOOD. :) Hurray for mom visits!!

It's great, isn't it! I'm so glad you liked it!

The simple life and a beautiful day have come over to give you that special hug today. I am so glad you are feeling a bit better. I love dunking bread. I am not a big soup fan myself, but I do like that. I had not heard about that soup.

My mom says it was in a book of Dutch recipes translated to English that they got many years ago when we lived in Belgium. :) It's crammed full of vegetables and has sausage in it.

There aren't many books with Dutch recipes, so this must have been very old, but since it is such a hit in your family I guess there is a lot that you all know about this that we don't :)


Sounds like a perfect evening. What is humpke soup?


It's a Dutch soup crammed full of vegetables, with sausage. Yummy!

How are you enjoying 'The Little Friend'? I absolutely adored 'The Secret History'. I love Donna Tartt's writing style ... really beautiful. I bought 'The Little Friend' months ago, but I was reading too many books at the time so I set it aside. Thank you for reminding me that I have it in my book shelf. Heh! I think that I shall go and start reading it now since I've just finished reading 'the curious incident of the dog in the night-time'.

I really enjoyed it for the most part, I also love her writing style, she brings things SO alive. This was a sad book, though, and unresolved, which made it a little frustrating.

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