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No matter how many times you go through it, the death of a beloved pet never fails to rip out your heart. My mom and brother got the news tonight that their dog (originally John's but living with my mom for nearly 2 years after he moved to Germany) died last night at the kennel in Michigan. She was nearly 11, a beautiful rust and white husky with pale blue eyes and a smartass attitude. Akela, you'll be sorely missed by our family.

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What a beautiful dog!

I'm so sorry. Losing pets is devastating.

I'm so sorry, Liz. She was beautiful.

Oh god, I'm SO sorry. Just the photo makes me miss her and I didn't even know her.


My heart goes out to your whole family, Liz. My family is still getting used to the fact that our dog, who died in October, is no longer around.

Aleka was truly gorgeous and, I'm sure, a wonderful companion.


What an incredible animal. I bet she was just as beautiful on the inside. My condolences.

I'm so sorry. Aleka was beautiful.

I grew up with malamute huskies. Huskies rank highly in the "best family dogs, ever" competition. *sigh*

Sorry to hear she's gone, she looked lovely in multiple senses of the word.


Oh! So sorry!


What a beautiful photo of Akela and Karin. I am so sad to hear your news. It is so unfair that our beloved animals love for such a short time. Hugs to you and yours.

What a beautiful dog! I'm sorry for your family's loss.

no words

I'm so sorry. But what a beautiful picture to remember her by. ~bluepoppy


beautiful photo of Karin and Akela. Sorry to hear your sad news. *hugs*

Oh god, so gorgeous, so sad :(

Sorry about your loss. *hugs*

im sorry :( what a gorgeous dog! *hugs*

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