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Anders and I went to a parent meeting at the school this evening with all the rest of the parents of soon-to-be preschool kids who are starting "nollan" or "grade 0" as it's commonly referred to. Karin is moving on up. They informed us that her class consists of 23 children...NINETEEN of which are boys. They are counting Karin among the 4 girls. Do you think we should warn them?
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:-D Nah, they'll find out soon enough. ;-)

Will this mean both kids are in the same school next year?

yep! Martin starts 2nd grade, on the other side of the same wing. :)

I suppose 19 boys is a better scenario for Karin than 19 girls; still it is a shame that there isn't more of a balance in the class. My experience is that classes that are too skewed either way have a stange dynamic. Will this just be for this year? Will they later be meshed with other groups that will a more balanced mix of boys and girls?

Unfortunately, no. :( They stay with the same class all the way to 9th grade, although there will probably be some movement with people moving, etc.

No warnings, I vote for Stealth Karin, sneak attack.

Warn them? They are going to be more popular than ever!

Do you think we should warn them?

Hehehe...what would be the fun in that? *grin*

(I'm quite startled, though, at the gender discrepancy -- I'm assuming that's not typical of Swedish schools.)

It's very unusual, they said, for it to be so uneven between the genders in a class. But there's not much they can do about it. :) It's a small town, so they're stuck with the what they get. :) There is only 1 pre-school class.

Yeah, sounds about right. My Swede said that her class had about 7 boys:2 girls ratio, while the class under her was 2:5. However, that changed around 7th grade, as she had to go to the nearest junior high in a different town.

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