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My mom is sitting behind me as I type this, asking me what I'm doing, and randomly tossing out crossword questions that I don't seem to know any of the answers to. An edible fungus, blank O P. Righetti's forté. Some penguin that starts with A. She does this quite frequently, and when you're reading, as I usually am, or my brother is, it can be distracting to the point of crazymaking. The word for girasol. 4 letters ending in L. And what would be ceramic blue? 5 letters?

I would tell her to shut up but it's amusing me at the moment, plus she's only here for 2 weeks and I love having her here. Plus I like crosswords, too, although I like them better when I know more of the answers.

I'm psychic, did you know? I spit out the new pope's papal name when the bells started ringing, long before the announcement was made. And because the very Swedish name Bengt comes from the name Benedict, I'm going to be calling him Pope Bengt, which is also amusing me.

6-letter Verdi opera? And what does a tintometer measure? 5 letters.

So far, the only 2 I've known the answers to are Singer Ocasic (3 letters) and Hoffman-Beatty film (6 letters). Not proud.

Mom and John came and picked me up for lunch today and we went into the lovely little sunwashed center of Lund and ate good food at Spot. Then they went sightseeing and I went back to work. I really wanted to go with them, but I couldn't. I left early, though, since I got to work at 7:30 this morning. I picked them up at 3:45 and we stopped at Ris & Curry (scene of my sprained ankle) and bought piles of yummy food that one can't find easily in Sweden: canned black olives, hearts of palm, pop-tarts, etc. and why did no one ever tell me to try a Charleston Chew candy bar before? Yum!

I've tried to get out of my commitment on Friday, only to be further guilted into it. *sigh* I'm dragging my mom with me, though.

Saturday we're planning on Copenhagen, though. I haven't been there in a couple of years, which is PATHETIC, considering it's so close and so easy to get to.

And the AWC newsletter/website is due next Monday and when the HELL am I going to find time for that?? It'll be late for the first time in 6 years. 4 letter word for me: Lame.

Big Bouncing Birthday Wishes to blue_eyed_girl!
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4 letter word for you?

aw, gee! thanks, you :)

My roommate and I tried to do a crossword the other day. We were pathetic. Or wait, maybe it was the crossword that was pathetic.
So glad you get this visit with your Mom. Moms are nice. Even when they're doing crosswords.

adele penguins...

The boy I fell in love with when I was a senior in college lived in Alaska in the summers and then in our winters, went to the Antarctica to study Adele pensuins to get his PhD in animal behavior biology. They are adorable, smaller than some and I haven't forgotten a lot I used to know about them. The boy, on the other hand, turned out to be a committment-phobic jerk.

Ha! thanks! All I could come up with was "adelaide" and I knew that wasn't quite it. :)

And what would be ceramic blue? 5 letters?
Delft? (as in "Delft blue")

I spit out the new pope's papal name when the bells started ringing, long before the announcement was made.

Now that's scary... ;-)

Lame? You? Ha! I have two four-letter words in answer to that: one of them is 'bull' and the other you can probably guess. :)

Sorry I'm not around this month to help out more with the AWC page.

don't worry about it. :) It's definitely not the end of the world.

6-letter Verdi opera? ERNANI? hehehe...might be.

And what does a tintometer measure? colorimetric analysis to determine the quantity of a substance from the color it yields with specific reagents......eeeh, so paint color? paint tint? colour measurement? colorimetry?

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