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Bzzz Bzzz Bzzz that's the sound of this busy bee. I dragged John with me to Book group tonight, but we had fun. The woman whose house we were at lives out in the absolute boonies, and when she sent the directions, she described the roads as "windy" which I read as WIND-y as in air blowing hard. Everyone else read it as WIND-y, as in WINDING. Despite all the moose crossing warning signs, we did not see any moose. Bummer. Although I've been told that I do not want to see a moose while I'm driving as it usually means you're running into it, and you REALLY don't want to hit a moose with your car.

Anyway, work is crazy busy and life is crazy busy and I have had a pain in my left front shoulder for 3 days that is starting to worry me, although my mom says it is probably a gland and not my heart, but still it makes me worried.

One of my friends just got back from a week in London, and one of my other friends (galestorm) just left for a week in London, and even though flights to London from Sweden are as cheap as 99 kronor (which is around $10) I still have not made it to London in EIGHT YEARS. That's just wrong.

We got the results of our book group vote on the books we'll be reading for next year and I was a bit disappointed because 3 of them are books I've already read, but at least they are good books, so it won't be a total waste. 2 of the books that got picked were non-fiction books I recommended that I have NOT read, so I'll be doing some book shopping in the near future. :D

Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite!
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