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Bzzz Bzzz Bzzz that's the sound of this busy bee. I dragged John with me to Book group tonight, but we had fun. The woman whose house we were at lives out in the absolute boonies, and when she sent the directions, she described the roads as "windy" which I read as WIND-y as in air blowing hard. Everyone else read it as WIND-y, as in WINDING. Despite all the moose crossing warning signs, we did not see any moose. Bummer. Although I've been told that I do not want to see a moose while I'm driving as it usually means you're running into it, and you REALLY don't want to hit a moose with your car.

Anyway, work is crazy busy and life is crazy busy and I have had a pain in my left front shoulder for 3 days that is starting to worry me, although my mom says it is probably a gland and not my heart, but still it makes me worried.

One of my friends just got back from a week in London, and one of my other friends (gale_storm) just left for a week in London, and even though flights to London from Sweden are as cheap as 99 kronor (which is around $10) I still have not made it to London in EIGHT YEARS. That's just wrong.

We got the results of our book group vote on the books we'll be reading for next year and I was a bit disappointed because 3 of them are books I've already read, but at least they are good books, so it won't be a total waste. 2 of the books that got picked were non-fiction books I recommended that I have NOT read, so I'll be doing some book shopping in the near future. :D

Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite!
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99kr? Are you sure? That's realllllllllly cheap. It reminds me of the news item I heard from US Airways where they were selling plane tickets for only $2.00. No wonder why they're in bankruptcy court.

RyanAir :)

I shoulda known.

ive only been there once in the 7 years ive been here. kinda pathetic but oh well, im sure we'll both get there again some day!

hooray for book clubs! hooray for books!!

flights to London from Sweden are as cheap as 99 kronor (which is around $10)


I KNOW!!!!

When it's cheaper to fly to London than it is to fill your car's gas tank, you know there's something skewed about the world!


So tell me how you do the book picking thing. You vote? On how many suggestions? etc?? One of my women's group friends recently suggested to the group that we do a book club thing in addition to our other random activities. We may do it. How I dunno, with one of us in S. Oregon and another embarking on a year away... but, it sounded good.
When we talked about it we thought that each of us would pick a book and that would cover a few months. This was just an idea. I know [from experience] that we won't do it unless I bring it up again and sort of orchestrate it. That seems to be one of my functions in the group. I know I've ask you details about your book group before... Anyhow, we'll be getting together Fri night. All of us. hee!! And I thought I'd bring up book group. Test the waters. I'll stop running on here in your lj.
Just one more thing..... $10!!!! for airfare to London!!! Honey, do you need help planning?

I don't mind at all that you ran on in my LJ. Run all you like! :D

We've tried a couple of different ways of choosing our books for book group. We usually choose the year's books in advance, or at least 6 months worth. We meet approximately every 6 weeks, but that has partly been because it's hard to find the books here, and then make time to read them. Sometimes ordering them from the library in English can take 2 weeks!

Anyway, usually we vote on a selection. Everyone suggested 3 books and sent the title, author and a short blurb to the organizer, who then sent the list to everyone, and we voted on 6 books (there were 17 in the list). We ended up with 8 because we had ties. People are usually pretty good about recommending and voting for a mix, so we have fiction, non-fiction, children's, and biographies.

One time we had someone complain that their books never got chosen, so that year each person recommended 1 book and we took all of those for our reading list of 8 books. But we ended up not liking that method as much. :)

Thanks Liz
: ]

Oops you just reminded me that I meant to join AWC after the lovely sushi dinner with lovely AWC members. I'll do that tomorrow. Promise. And then someone will let me in the book group, please, please, please?

We would LOVE for you to join!! The book group is the best! :)

99KR!!!!??? WOW!!! I think Simon and I might have to take a little trip to there....hmmmm.....

*scratches head*

I use Ryanair a lot, their prices are fantabulous!


all this book club talk makes me jealous, I need to find one!

hooray for book shopping!

England is one of the few places I didn't visit while my family lived in Europe - I even had dreams about walking down the streets. So you should GO, and go soon. ~ samantha


I join the boggled-y chorus of...$10?!?! Woman, you need to get on a plane...stat! ~Marilyn

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