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Work is crazy busy. I work so hard and concentrate so hard all day long, go go go that I come home completely wiped out. I am behind on everything. My house is dirty. I am tired and cranky and probably PMS'ing. I can't get caught up, and I am feeling sorry for myself and not doing a very good job of snapping out of it. Despite all my attempts to cut down, cut back, say no, my calendar seems to be more full than ever. I'm considering dropping out of choir because it's a weekly commitment. I'm already trying to drop away from the AWC and failing miserably. I honestly don't know what's wrong with me, and whining about it here isn't really what I want to be doing. I need a vacation from myself.


I was quite pleased to see, tonight, while I was watering outside, that both the cherry tree and the little lilac have survived the long, wet winter and have pointy little green buds on them. The hostas are poking their spiky little heads up out of the dirt. Everything is busy getting bushy with it.
mood: tired


Don't forget the let down of Mom and John being gone and of course grief for the loss of Akela. Also it is always a big let down after they go home. But in reference to your crazy busy self...... I agree don't give up the joy. I have, although it is very hard at times, given up on some of the chore stuff. Then I go on a cleaning binge. : )

Of course I whine alot !!!!! about the state of my house, but keep telling myself it will be clean and straight some day in the future when the kids are a bit older and can help out more. Love to you from Seester.

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