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You're right, I can't quit choir. Even after a hellacious half-week that has no apparent end in sight, and having to literally FORCE myself out the door and into the car, once I got there, it was worth it. New song: The Moon Waltz. *swoon* It's so gorgeously dreamy it makes me tear up when we're singing it.

Tag min hand i din hand, tag mig med till sagans land,
där skall jag gå med dig i älvadans trånande i månens glans
I ditt sovande slott låt mig dricka himmels blått tills dess jag vet
din ljuva hemlighet lär mig månens alfabet
När jag står här framför dig är jag en trollkarl med sitt spö
du förhäxar och för mig till lycksalighetens ö
Som en nattfjäril yr på sitt månskensäventyr
du kommer till mig i ett rosenrus följ mig upp från jordens grus

Take my hand in your hand, take me along to storyland,
there I'll go with you in an elf-dance yearning in the brilliance of the moon
In your sleeping castle let me drink the blue of heaven until this I know,
your delightful secret teaches me the moon's alphabet
When I stand here before you I am a magician with my wand,
you bewitch me and transport me to the island of happiness
Like a moth dizzy on its moonshine adventure
you come to me in an intoxication of roses,
follow along with me up from the sand of the earth

Free spring concert coming up: Wednesday May 18th, 6:30 p.m., Diagnostic Centrum, entrance 44 at Malmö Hospital. :)

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