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Things I'm Thankful For Today:
  • My ability to not drive off the road despite the fact that my attention is way too much on the greening leaves and not on what I'm doing

  • A husband that automatically lifts his hands to rub my shoulders for a moment if I stand in front of him and turn around, even if he rolls his eyes first

  • 2 children that do not have headlice, that clear their dishes wipe their placemats and push their chairs in after meals, that give good hugs

  • Airplanes that deliver my loved ones safely home

  • My menstrual flow (see! I was right!) which, while being a general pain in the ass, and coming with no warning, at least does not reduce me any longer to a fetally-curled whimpering ball of cramps and has the added bonus of signifying that I am not pregnant

  • A job, which, while being the most intense and whipcracking EVER, is a constant joy, stimulation, and challenge, and NEVER boring

  • Late evening sunshine that washes the house in a golden glow

  • A washing machine that gets looks-like-someone-axe-murdered-her-in-her-bed-bloody-nose bloodstains out of laundry

  • Really good books that raise interesting questions and have unpredictable plot twists

  • Plump and plummy purple, water-speckled seedless grapes

  • Summer vacation plans

  • That my stomach is not filling mysteriously with air and swelling up until it explodes
mood: calm
music: Maria McKee—I Found Love

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

I agree. It's easy to forget when I'm stressed out how many good things I have going on. (and PS I added one more that I'm REALLY thankful for)

Summer vacation plans, do tell! As someone who is going to be spending my summer within a 20 mile radius of the hospital, I'm eager to live vicariously through your planning!

4 weeks off in a row: 1 week down in Holland, staying in Giethoorn, one of my favorite places in the whole world, 1 week in a cottage in Normandy, 1 week in Bavaria, visiting my brother and Simone, and 1 week lazing around at home :) How's THAT for vicarious?!

Ever since I started exercising regularly 3 months ago, I've had virtually no menstrual cramps. It's quite amazing. I'm sure the manufacturers of Midol would be unhappy about it though :)

I remember back in the Dark Ages, before ibuprofin (gasp! Yes! I really AM that old!) when there was only Midol for us cramp sufferers...that stuff is worthless.

I haven't had any since I delivered my 2nd child. :) And nearly no bleeding either with an IUD :)

Holy toadledo!

Ditto on the last one. I think I will have to step cautiously down by the river just in case its contagious. I can't imagine seeing that.

like-someone-axe-murdered-her-in-her-bed-bloody-nose bloodstains

I had to read that through three times before I could get it straight. It is very close to how I once described a towel I shamefully left in a hotel room once after I (apparently very seriously) cut my legs while shaving. I have always wondered what the poor cleaning staff thought about the blood-soaked towel.

So...where are you going for summer vacation?

And you are so completely right about the late evening sunshine. It's the BEST thing about spring and summer in Sweden, yes?

Man! I'm so sorry that I don't read through others' comments BEFORE I leave my own. I need to start doing it the other way around...


How gorgeous inspiring. I think I'll do a "LOVELIST" later this evening


I love your Lovelist and the way you always focus on the positive (in your journal,anyway.):-) I must do one of those myself today before I get any crankier. You're right, ibuprofen is the pain reliever of the gods!



Great list. I get that same eye roll...which doesn't bother me in the least, since I also get the accompanying shoulder rub. :) ~Marilyn (P.S. Maria McKee...whatever happened to her?...)

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