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I've never really paid that much attention to the mentions of PCOS I've heard some friends talking about, as it was always tied to infertility, and since I have 2 healthy children and had no problem getting pregnant, I never looked it up to see what it was. After reading about thesidhe's experiences today, I had a DOH moment, and think I'm going to have to inquire further about some suspicions that have suddenly been raised.

We had no plans tonight, or rather the ones we did have were cancelled, which equals out to the same thing. I have things I need to do, including finishing the AWC newsletter, designing a program for our spring concert and what was that other thing? Oh yes, vacuuming. Is it bad when you can't remember the last time you vacuumed? It's bad when the dust bunnies start lining up and marching in rows. If they achieve world domination, you'll know who to blame.

Anway, none of them got done. I didn't even have to cook dinner since Anders was hankering for Chinese. We had a discussion at the dinner table about whether Chinese families come home from work on Friday evenings and say to each other: "You know what, Ling? I don't feel like cooking. Let's order take-out Swedish." and then they go out and fetch boxes of meatballs and herring to go and bring them home to enjoy. Hee!

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