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I was supposed to have no plans tonight but...

I thought I'd update my journal header and that led to...

my playing around with the new layout a nice person gave me ages ago and that meant...

hours of doodling and tweaking code on LJ which has left me with...

not much left of the evening and a half-assed finished journal layout.

Happy Birthday Wishes to albatrossity!
mood: nerdy
music: Sting—Fields of Gold


Fiddling with your journal lay-out can take up a long time and it is so addictive. Once you start you feel that you can't stop :-D probably sounds familiar. I love the new colors, very calming and they remind me of the upcoming summer, good job. I will check in to see if you will make more changes. xx


Hi- ok I like the color- but the size of the print ( font?) ......I need to use a magnifing glass to read! Ok...maybe I need new glasses- but it would be much better with a larger size print. I hope the Findus top returns- I really get a kick out of seeing it! Love, Lizardmom

I know! I'm still working on it :) Bear with me!

Also, what do you mean, the Findus top? This is a Findus top, too! He's just not bouncing on the bed. :P But I will bring that one back some time, it's too cute not to use again.


Yesterday when I checked here- there was no top of any kind- and no user icons either- so glad those are all here today. Either you hadn't finished -or something was "up" with the computer! Love, Lizardmom

aha! well, I was probably in the middle of it when you commented. I had gotten halfway done, and then had to start completely over because I screwed something up, so you might have opened the page in the middle of the mess :)

Very spring-y, I like it.

Nifty. I always like to see what people are up to with redesign.

ooo roses this morning

Thankee! Thankee!

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