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Today was a half day of work, but I ended up staying until 2 because I was trying to get as much done as possible due to having tomorrow OFF. woot! Sleeping in, here I come! Anders took Friday off, but I have so much to do still (with no end in sight :) that I didn't feel it was an option. Tomorrow is "Christ Flew Up to Heaven Day" as literally translated from the Swedish Kristihimmelfärdsdagen.*

One of the reasons that I sometimes think about dropping out of choir, aside from the fact that it's a weekly-plus commitment is that it's a 30-minute drive to Malmö. 30 minutes when gas is $100 a tank is something to weigh. Tonight, I drove all the way into Malmö, enjoying the springy green all around me, parked by the side of the lake in Pildammsparken, next to the zigzaggy purple pearl hyacinths, only to find that choir practice was cancelled. sigh With only 2 weeks to our big spring concert, I think that was a dumb thing to do, but I guess a lot of people are taking a 4-day weekend.

The other thing I managed to do in between work and not-choir was go to the mall. I used to really dislike going to the mall, back when I lived in the land of malls. Now, it's a treat. Because I had a couple of hours, I went very leisurely along, and checked things out as my fancy took me. I had a mission, though, and it was accomplished, lest you think I was merely consumering for consumering's sake. 2 birthday presents for boys duly purchased and wrapped. But, in addition, 2 books for me, 2 books for the kids, a CD, and 12 sparkly new glasses for the kitchen.

I seem to be unable to get some of the things on my personal to-do list crossed off lately. Not sure if it's motivation that's missing or back-of-the-brain worrying about the costs, or just the very real possibility that most of them require scheduling something, and I really REALLY don't want to schedule things lately. Having too many things on the calendar, which is a common state of affairs with me, sometimes makes me feel like I'm drowning. But you don't drown by falling in the water, you drown by staying there. I'm trying to get my head above water and keep it there for awhile. I want to see as many blank days on the calendar as possible for a few months. What a novelty.

Cracking Me Up: How to Get Chips

Big, Beautiful, Flower-Filled Birthday Wishes to same_sky!

*Ascension Day
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This is the Swedish holiday I find most amusing. I was looking at the Swedish calendar this morning and wondered aloud if the 1st of May had not been on a Sunday, would it still have been a red day, followed so shortly after by Kristihimmelfärdsdagen, and then Pingst next weekend. G said he thought yes, May 1 would still be red but that they had done away with Annandag Pingst so as to have June 6th. That made sense. But I think it would have made more sense to have taken away Kristi-dag and left Pingst alone. Bah, if it were up to me, I'd do away with all of the religious affiliations for these Swedish spring holidays and assign them to fixed weekends, call them bank holidays and be done with it. It always just strikes me as so odd, given how few people in Sweden actually seem to be church-goers, that they still tie their holidays to the church calendar.

That said, have a nice day off!

I will! I agree with you, I think having Ascension Day off is pretty amusing these days, and I also wished they had left Pingst alone and taken this one away instead. Annandag Pingst is ALWAYS on a Monday so you're guaranteed a day off work, whereas June 6 moves around. Hmph!

Yeah, like when the 4th of July is a Wednesday. That just sucks!

Thank you! And darn it, you made me want to go to the mall.. you made it sound like fun. :)

As long as you stay out of the clothing stores, I've learned, it IS fun :P


hey you... did you get an e-mail from me just recently?! I've gotta ask because I'm rampantly paranoid that address I sent it to was not the right/current one!

P.S. So what did you buy for me?!! And is it chocolate? And does it come with a puppy?

xo Wee

no, no email :( what address did you send it to? and I wish it WAS a puppy! no chocolate either, that was lame. I'm going back today. Chocolate is in the offing! :D

But you don't drown by falling in the water, you drown by staying there.

very. good. point.

Someone else said it originally, but I can't remember who.


$100 a tank?!! I hope that means your annual salary is fiftygabillion dollars a year! (Or are you driving some super-duper Swedish car that has a humungous tank?) And Californians grouse about gas being nearly $3 a gallon... ~Marilyn

I wish my salary was that much! But sadly, nope. Gas is crazy expensive here.

awesome new layout!!!

You amaze me . . ~bluepoppy

Re: awesome new layout!!!

aw gee! I can't take credit, a very nice LJ'er gave me the code to do it with, I just did the header and the background and the colors :)

Whoa. That last paragraph sounds like you were channelling me!

But you don't drown by falling in the water, you drown by staying there.

I'm putting that one up on my office wall...

It's a great quote, isn't it :) Don't remember who said it, though.

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