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I used to be all about the being busy. I thrived on it, it was a buzz; oil in my motor. Then, just to carry a motor metaphor to an utterly complete crashing halt since what I know about motors would fitbetweenthesewords, I ran the engine on no gas and parts started smoking. Friction! Gears grinding to a halt, crunch, squeak, squeeeeeeeeeeal. But my job keeps me buzzing, so I'm having to learn how to slow down around and outside of it.

Even when I don't have any scheduled plans, however, like today, it still seems to be my modus operandi to fill up the day with things to do. I went grocery shopping and back to the mall to pick something up and then suddenly got a wild hair and cleaned the laundry room. Putting winter jackets and mittens and hats away in the hall closet and then starting to hang up the window screens made me feel like it is really turning into warmer weather. And seeing this across the back yard...

a horse is a horse, of course, of course

...made me really stop, sit down, and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I love living here, especially in the springtime. 3 horses and 2 ponies live at the farm behind us. The horse in the pictures is 35 years old and has belonged to the daughter of the lady who lives there, since she (the daughter, not the horse or the lady) was a little girl.

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What great pictures! Next time we are in Sweden, I would love to come out and see your neck of the woods. I'll have to leave G behind though since being that close to horses would kill him (allergies).

They're not THAT close :) Unless you walk over to the edge of our yard, like I did, or unless he's allergic from a distance.

When we were in Stockholm, we spent about five minutes standing near some Royal something-or-other behind the Royal Dramatic Theater, because it seemed quite obvious that the king and queen would soon be emerging from this walled place in an open-air carraige. There were some police on horseback waiting around for the royal show to get on the road and we were maybe 20 feet away from the horses. For five minutes tops. He spent the next three hours sneezing and hardly able to breathe. That's the last time I have seen him near horses! ;-)

Good grief! What a drag that must be :( Is he allergic to dogs and cats as well?

You guessed it! I think we could have fish for pets but that is it.

I absolutely love those empty unscheduled days to fill up except for when I'm feeling down. Even then I can fill them up easily with reading and other distractions. But I can't handle the always busy mode. I need my down time.... for walks and writing and musing and singing and inspired cooking and whatever spontaneously arises and and and......
Wow, what a beautiful view across the backyard!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!! HORSES!!!! I wuv horsey's (or is that Horseies....heheehe)

I am a little bit afraid of horses but they are pretty creatures.

They're so much bigger than one expects, when you get up close to them!

those pictures are stunning. the quality of light has such an 'early morning in the country' feel to it. you can almost hear birds twittering and feel the refreshingly cold air on your cheeks as you sip hot coffee.....mmmmmm.

actually, it was early evening, but it WAS lovely :) :)

i thought you said it was evening, but the light looks like morning to me...strangely beautiful nonetheless, indeed.

I'm the same way. If I have nothing to do I can't shake the feeling that I have something to do. I think I feel better having some sort of list I can check off, otherwise I feel like I'm wasting time.

a pony AND geese?!

lovely lovely--- *inhaling the sweet Spring air of Sweden* ~bluepoppy

Re: a pony AND geese?!

Well, they're ducks, but they certainly are BIG enough to be geese! :D

Would you think I was crazy if I confessed that I love the way horses smell?

I'm so happy that you're slowing down with your crazy schedule. Good for you!

And a 35-year old horse? How amazing! What is in those oats they feed him?

herring and meatballs. heh!


Lovely! As for busy-ness...I'm looking forward to having just ONE day where I won't be expected to do anything...where I can curl up with a book and lose track of time. You know what's annoying about the mainland? People want you to DO stuff...socialize and get together and go places and do activities and run errands. I don't miss the islands one whit...but I do sort of miss the hermit-like life I had there... ~Marilyn

There's always going to be SOMETHING you miss :) It sounds like you're really having fun exploring your new life, though :)

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