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Now I remember why I don't like memes so much...I get no comments. Or maybe it's because it was a Friday evening and the rest of the world was out doing something fun or cozy or exciting. I thought for sure someone would comment on my dictator of a small country line. :P

My Friday night, you ask? I was editing photos. It's tough having such a rock-n-roll lifestyle. I'm actually nearing the end of my year-long procrastination on updating our family website. I had a stated goal of March, but that blew past like a lion. Anyway, all the photos are edited and the hacking of the HTML has commenced. We also had myskväll with popcorn, candy and game shows on TV, lest you feel too sorry for me.

I had so much fun at the mall the other day that we're going again, only to a different one, and the whole family is going, and we have an actual list of things we need, so I highly doubt it will be anywhere near as enjoyable as my leisurely shopping stroll the other day was. When you have things like replacement bathroom cabinet mirrored doors and kid jeans on your list, you know it's going to be a utilitarian sort of day. Still, the sun is shining and after a short, intense hailstorm this morning, the quarter-sized water dots on the street are drying up, and the jackdaws are rooting in the yard for worms.

I added a link to my LJ photo albums in my sidebar. I love this new layout. It's so versatile. Even though both my mom and my brother have complained about it. They liked the old one better. :) Tough! Change or die! That's my motto! muahahaha! The lovely woman who gave me the code has been so generous about it, and even answered the one last question I had not been able to figure out on my own. People can be so nice. Why can't they all be nice like that all the time? If I ran the world, or even a small country, things would be different around here.
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I love your new lay-out too, it is still in your personal colors and I can see that you put a lot of work into it. I think this one is easier because you can add more personal touches to it, and the boxer is quite limited even though it is easy on the eyes. Sorry that not many people commented on your meme, I probably didn't either. Aww.. you know that I always love to give you attention *hugs Liz's arm* - here have a cracker with Dutch cheese and a pickle from me. I think that you sent that hailstorm to Holland. It is pouring down with rain at the moment and we have to leave for Friesland soon. xxx Do you think that you could send me that layer too in case I may want to use it some time? Please?

Of course I can, you darling dear :) And I was totally fishing for comments there, wasn't I? Hee! I can't get away from my green. Even when I try something else for awhile I keep coming back to it, it's so soothing and easy on the eyes. I love it! MMMM Pickles! It's been ages since I had a real snappy crisp dill pickle. Not much rain here, it's been spotty with sun and showers...the weather is a fickle babe today.

Actually, it's public, you should be able to view it here: 4162090.

If you have any trouble, let me know and I'll send it to you as a text file instead.

I couldn't find a link in your text liz, could you email it to me? thanks :)

oh! sorry, it wasn't a link, it was the number of the layer. I think you can go to one of your layers and then change the number and you should see mine, but I'll email it to you anyway. :)

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