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Holy untame lions, Aslan. I just watched the trailer for the upcoming The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.


It looks, as with a very few books-to-film, that they might have gotten it right. There aren't very many films of books that really get it right, although it does seem like filmmakers are getting better at it. Anne of Green Gables was one. Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter were both the work of genius in bringing books to life, although I actually felt that the first Harry Potter film did almost TOO good a job. It was so exactly the book that after the initial joy that everything LOOKED so right, it was almost boring to watch the story unfold.

I discovered the Narnia books at a very early age, and I've read them so many times I can practically quote them. I had the entire set, battered and dog-eared, with Pauline Baynes' illustrations until I was an adult and was forced delighted to acquire a 2nd set because Leo & Diane Dillon had done new covers. I re-read them regularly. They never get old.

There are other beloved books coming to the big screen this summer, including Howl's Moving Castle and Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, but my money is on Narnia.
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I got chills from the trailer too! They finally have the special effects technology to really do the story justice, so I hope it is as good as it looks.

Howl's Moving Castle? Yay! I think DWJ deserves more attention.

Howl is Japanese anime, so I'm not so excited about it. I was a bit bummed because it's a favorite, as is DWJ, but anime doesn't do much for me...everyone looks EXACTLY THE SAME. :(

My yay just turned to an ewwww. I am not an anime fan at all, so that's a disappointment.

Yup. Bummer, ain't it?

I agree with you- Anne of Green Gables was an excellent adaptation.

I should clarify that the first 2 (Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea) were excellent. If you ever have a chance to see the 3rd one that was done (The Continuing Story)...PASS. It is a trainwreck of badness.

OK yes- I was referrign to the 1st and second- which I own on DVD. That 3rd one was created by a man on wacky pills or something.

I haven't seen the Narnia trailer yet -- I'm actually not actively seeking it out, so that I can be even more wowed when the film hits theaters. *g*

I did see a trailer or advert of some sort for CatCF, and was tres annoyed that they seem, again, to have failed to get the Oompa Loompas right. Sigh. (What is so hard about Oompa Loompas, anyway? Is it some sort of fear of ungood racial overtones, and I'm just being dense in not seeing any such problem in the original books? It can't be technological issues; we can make perfectly normal people into Hobbits, these days...)

I have to say that Johnny Depp creeps me right the hell out in the trailer. Even more than Gene Wilder did, and I didn't think that was possible. I still loved that movie, so I'll reserve judgement until I actually see this one. There was such a super-fast blur of Oompa-loompa in it, and there are nearly NO photos anywhere, that I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I think I need to hit up my kidlit bookshelf for some heavy-duty re-reading now. :)

I adore Johnny Depp, but was actually sad to see that they were doing this remake. I thought that Gene Wilder did a great job...

I adore him, too, usually, and I may change my mind after I see the film, but he sure looks like he overdoes the creepiness, judging by the trailer! BUT, when you consider that Roald Dahl wrote the character as creepy and weird, then perhaps it doesn't matter! :)

Depp sort of creeped me out, too, but I've seen so few of his films that I'm trying to reserve judgement on his Wonka until I actually see it.

Exciting enough to crack my Stone Table in half

I saw the trailer on TV over the weekend! Chills, thrills, my hairs stood on end. I'm a huge Narnia fan too, having read the books countless times since the age of ten. My only beef (a microscopic one) with the visuals is that their Lucy is dark-haired instead of "gay and golden haired." It doesn't really matter in the big scheme of things though and the little actress is adorable.

As for Anne of GG, Megan Follows was too wonderful in the role. Ever see the b/w version from the '30s? *cringe*

Re: Exciting enough to crack my Stone Table in half

LOL, no, I don't think I ever saw the b&w Anne. I hated the Lucy they had in the BBC version, did you ever see that one? And I thought Susan and Peter were really supposed to be golden-haired, too. I'm going to have to read them again :)

This book/movie thing is so tough for me sometimes. I still haven't seen "Anne..." because I didn't want it to spoil the images in my own head from the book.
Narnia, my goodness.. my chicklets grew up on that. I've read them aloud numerous times. When the Thrift store nearby got a shipment of old wardrobes from England, my twenty year old could barely wait to get me over there to look and imagine.
Charlie and the Choclate Factory ... I commented on that below in another thread.


The trailer almost made me cry! It looks BEAUTIFUL.

I was devoted to Anne of Green Gables, and agree that the movies were pretty accurate. did anyone of you ever see the series Avonlea, with Sara Stanley? I adored those, even if they didn't stay true to the books!

No, I haven't seen them...I wonder if I can find them here. I haven't read any of her other books besides the Anne series...a serious lack I must remedy!

LOVE Anne of GG, LOVE Charlie and the CC...See where I'm going with this...? Oh, shoot, I can't go any further, but I did want to ask if you've seen the EXISTING Chronicles of Narnia on film? A horrid, horrid BBC "piece o work" I tell ya. I was rightly peeved upon seeing it. I'm nervous about Charlie. I'm afraid I might love it more this time around...Nah. I'm going to run over and check out the Narnia trailer now. (Flip-flops flapping as I scurry away)

Yes, I saw the CoN BBC version. I actually have it on VHS, but it's only because it's all there was at that time, I swear! I was so shocked the first time I saw it because of the FAT MEAN LUCY! :( WTF?! Didn't they read the books??

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