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Yes, it's true, the trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit. The long-awaited (by some) update of the Ek Family Homepage is FINALLY here.

Ek Family Homepage

*victory dance*
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Absolutely lovely! I enjoyed looking at all the great photos!

Ours has a long way to go: ;-) but I think I might be inspired after looking at yours :)

hahaha! It's a great front page, though!

OWh, such a lovely kitty! Reminds me a bit of my Muis:)

aaaahhhhh! so cute!

I loved the cousin pictures! You guys look as if you have an even bigger closer-in-age group than we do. Between my siblings and me, we have one 5 1/2 yr. old, one 4 1/2 yr. old, three 3 1/2 yr. olds, one 2 1/2 yr. old, and two 15 month olds. That's not including the bun in the oven!

A lot of the kids are MY cousin's I guess they are first and second cousins once removed. The 2-red-headed curl bombs (Rachel & Bryce) are my sister's offspring.

We were late, but since my cousin's were early, with having kids, we ended up with several born the same year. With my 2 first cousins, and my sister and I, there are:
3 born in 97
1 born in 98
3 born in 99
1 born in 01
1 born in 02

Nice website and great photos! Your kids are so cute! ;-)


YAY!!! Photos! I have to say, Martin's "disco prep" photos were my favorites...until I got to "Linda Blair." :) So nice to see snaps of your world. So, you got a boulder for Mother's Day?? Um, cool, I guess. :) ~Marilyn

Don't diss my boulder! I love my big red rock! :D

Love your new pics and your website. I love Karin's "cowboy" hat!

My mom hit a remainder sale on hats several years ago. We have a ton in the dress-up boxes, and they are hilarious :)

What a gorgeous house! Pretty! Spacious!

I know! I love our house! :) Thanks!

great! i love it! you have such a wonderful family :)
hehe, my dad has a was red until he painted it yellow like anders new bike. my dads obsessed he is...keeps talking about going to bologna, italy where they build them.

They have a Ducati store in the AIRPORT there :) Anders says the only thing affordable is the baseball caps. :D

Lovely! I checked out the website a short while back already and it was nice to see the additions. Gave me insipration to work on my own again, although I doubt I'll have much time for that this coming period. Perhaps during the summerholiday :)


O! I love that page of Karin "Fast & Furious"! O Liz. They are so adorable. They have the most beautiful skin, I just want to lick their cheeks. This would make me very popular with them, I'm sure. It looks so wonderful and iddyllic from my perspective... shiny, happy people.

xo Wee

Yay! (Karin is so amazingly photogenic, she could be a child model.)

Ha! She's a little monkey-face, that one :) You ALWAYS know what she thinks about something, it's written all over that incredibly expressive face of hers. :P

Well, I did say child model, not model child. *g*

All I know is that I want a GUARANTEE that my own children will be as beautifully delicious as yours! They are some of the cutest children ever. My favorite picture so far is of Karin refusing to wear a dress. And I just love, love your happy family.

LOL! Well, we tend not to take pictures of them when they're being little buttheads or driving us insane, you know... :D

looking VERY nice. all the photos are a real treat!

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