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CNN had a recent article on their website about addiction to the internet. They put a handy reference guide for figuring out if you are addicted:

M More than intended time spent online
O Other responsibilities neglected
U Unsuccessful attempts to cut down
S Significant relationship discord because of use
E Excessive thoughts or anxiety when not online

I think I'm borderline. 2.5 out of 5. I have the excuse that I use the computer to fulfill my many functions as editor, webwoman and web designer, and I never considered myself much of web surfer, but the whole online journal/blog thing fascinates me, and I've found myself reading some of them religiously lately. At least I can truthfully say that I never bother with chat rooms. I do have a very active real-life social life, so no worries that I'm becoming a computer hermit.

There's only 1 talk forum that I visit regularly, Amerikanska, which is a website devoted to Americans moving to or living in Sweden. Frequently enough to keep me coming back, I find useful information or links that I can use on the AWC newsletter which I edit. However, some of the stuff that people put up in a public space never fails to amaze me. This is not a journal, mind you, but a public message board of sorts.

I stay away from the political and religious "debates," and I try to only get involved with answers when I think I actually have helpful information to share. I know that there is an already enormous, and growing, population who meet their significant others online and have their most meaningful relationships with people they have never met, but I find it a bit unnatural. Maybe it's just my age showing. In other ways, the internet is one of the greatest ways we have of making the world smaller, more accessible and creating a truly global unity.

We got the bookcase into Martin's room last night, after some serious furniture rearranging. Karin was a bit put out that she didn't have a new bookcase, too, although I promised that she will be getting one as soon as I can find one for sale.

It's another gorgeous day here, and I have SUSHI to look forward to tonight, at my favorite sushi place in Malmö. It's situated on the wonderfully European square called Lillatorget and is a great place for people watching in the summer. It's supposed to be an AWC event, but I've told several of my friends that it's my birthday celebration. So a lot of people are coming and all of them are people I like to be around. We've got a babysitter tonight, so Anders is coming, too. :) Woo hoo!


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