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do do do be do. La la la tra la!

You should see the sky outside right now. It's 9:30 p.m. and the sky is EXACTLY the same color as a robin's egg. You can see some here at one of my favorite websites if you are not sure EXACTLY what color I mean. The cool thing about evening skies is how they shade down from cobalt to BLUE BLUE BLUE...this deep, rich blue that you could suck on like a popsicle to a rosy-golden-fireorange glow along the black demarcation of the horizon. Sort of like a darker, more glorious, unattainable upside-down heavenly Rocket Pop.

dee dum dee deediedo de do

I immediately went outside with the ol' trusty camera, feeling very Tracey Marshall-ish, but damn. Those evening shots aren't so easy. I tried taking a photo of the crescent moon, pointy little thing, sideways smile in the sky, but a tiny white moon in a field of blue may be awe-inspiring when you're standing in your backyard with the sun going down and your head lifted, but the photo of it?* eh, not so much.

diddly do dee dee, dee do la la

We went and watched Martin's class perform 2 Hans Christian Andersen stories at the school tonight. Half the class did The Ugly Duckling, and half did The Tinderbox. Martin was the King in The Tinderbox, whose daughter marries the soldier, and who gets tossed up in the air and broken all to bits for his fatherly concerns. He wore the king's crown and robe that we used for Halloween 2 years ago. They are VERY plush and royal red and ermine-trimmed and shiny and I had more than one envious mother remark that they must be from America. Yup. *grin* Then we all sat in the meadow with the warm sun lowering in our faces and fika'd. It was lovely. Summer is a-coming in, loud sing cuckoo!

la la, tra la, dee doobie doo doo

also TGTF! Thank God Tomorrow's Friday! :D

*or, at least, my photo of it.
mood: bouncy
music: Haley Westenra—Who Painted the Moon Black?


You are adorable.

No, I am not. I am a big dork! You said so yourself! XD :P

Well then, you are a GREAT big adorable dork!!! And as my wise eight year old would say, it takes one to know one. So yes, I too am a dork ---- a big one. Though, my adorable side needs a shower. Right now I am merely a stinky BIG dork. :-/


I don't envy you your winters, but oh, how I want to someday experience a Swedish spring & summer! ;-)

They are usually WONDERFUL :)


About 6:00 tonight I took a walk through my new neighborhood and I swear it felt like a warm summer evening...summer is DEFINITELY coming. So glad to hear it's lovely and warm--and blue--there. Enjoy! ~Marilyn

LOL I agree...adorable! That sky last night was purdy! I commented to Simon around 10pm that the sky was an awesome shade of blue and I couldn't believe it was 10pm! yep, this is my first full summer here. Should be interesting.

dum dee la la doo dah doowop

*just singing along*

Heeee ~ bluepoppy

The first thing I thought of when I saw your post was the old:

To do is to be / Rousseau /
To be is to do /Sartre /

Dobedobedo... / Sinatra /


It was sort of in the back of my mind, too :D

OMG (said totally Valley Girl-ish)! I feel so suddenly famous and nervous about your reference to me. Can I just admit that my heart started beating faster when I saw my name...I sound like an idiot, huh? Yes, night shots are a little tricky at first. But once you understand what's happening with your camera it gets easier. Digital was MADE for night shots, but the thing is, you've got to be able to control ALL your settings (aperature, shutter speed,focal length, etc.) and if you can't do that, it's just a crapshot. If you have an old analog (remember film) camera that allows you to do that stuff, you could give it a shot but you won't get the results quickly. AND (this is very important) you've got to remember to write down how you set those settings. Otherwise you won't be able to learn from trial and error. And truth be told, MOON shots are the ones I have the absolute most difficulty with--if you think of the moon as you would the sun...what happens when you point your lens directly towards the sun? (other than potentially ruining your lens?)? Yup...a big ball of fuzzy light.

Was this way too much info??

Not too many night shots coming for the next few months. Can you believe it is still light where we are until 23.00? ELEVEN PM?? Never fails to shock me.

aperature? shutter?? FOCAL?? what'choo talking' 'bout, Willis?? I'm a point-and-shoot girl! haaaaa! 11:00 p.m.? We have maybe another month before it's light that long :)

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