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We took the kids to see Robots tonight, in Swedish. It was good. I bet it would have been better in English, though, if only because, despite the fact that Robert Gustafsson did the voice of one of the major characters and did an excellent job, ROBIN WILLIAMS did the original.

I'm halfway through Christopher Moore's Lamb. It is not good. In fact, I'm having a rather hard time not putting it down and into the pile of books that not only won't be re-read but won't be kept. Bleah. I'll give it a couple more chapters before I give up, maybe.

I stayed up until an ungodly hour last night doing the final tweaks to my journal layout that I've been wanting to do for some time. Now I'm happy with it. :)

We had no plans today...hence the movie. I also did laundry (when am I ever NOT doing laundry??) and some other minor household cleaning. It was mostly nice out with a few rain showers, but the evening was stunning. Warm, sunny, windless. Our plans for tomorrow include getting some plants and flowers into the ground before it's too late and putting a stop to the March of the Dust Bunnies (yes, again, they multiply as fast as,, rabbits).

2 days with "nothing" to do. I'm bored.


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Being not bored with nothing to do is nothing but the best.

I have been wanting to see Robots as well, but for some reason I can't find the original version anywhere in the cinemas close to where I live, only the Dutch version.. and I just really do not want to hear the dutch voice overs eh.

I saw Robots in the English version and I absolutely loved it. I think that it will probably lose some of the subtle word-jokes in a translation. That is one of the reasons why I did not want to see it in Dutch, which was possible as well. Still I am glad you liked the movie. Those animations were great weren't they? Especially in that toy factory.

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