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Something sunny, something blue, something happy, something new!

What a lovely day! Warm enough to wear a tshirt, chill enough to be comfortable. I was out gardening this afternoon, removing the weeds and grasses that have snuck over the borders to the figure-8 garden, and filling 2 raised beds at the front of playhouse, and planting a Japanese dwarf cypress in the front corner, lining its little circle with round eggy rocks from Gotland. I am NOT a gardener. I dislike greatly having dirt under my fingernails. I can't sit on my knees very long and it's way too much up and down and up and down bending for me, but today it was nice out, and there were things to do, and I took breaks in between and got it all done.

Anders built 2 raised beds at either side of the playhouse porch and we planted stonecrop and leopard's bane. I think I might put some lily-of-the-valley in there, too. While weeding the front garden I discovered that the 3 chinese physalis lantern plants that we put in last year had tunneled and popped up and multiplied to 25 little green fan-leafed shoots. At that rate, we'd have had 208 of them next year, and the year after that? 1729! So I pulled up all but 3 of the thick-rooted, burrowing little buggers.

Everything we planted in that front garden is a spreader, so we have to really keep an eye on them. The forget-me-nots have popped up all over it, and so have tiny little violets, blown apparently out of the pots in the center, since I never planted any intentionally; they're like tiny bright and bobbing garden gifts.

The kids ran in and out all day long, with one friend and then another, and then a whole gang, zooming around the block on bicycles and kick-scooters and pedal-cars, playing in the playhouse, on the deck, in the yard.

The hot air balloons are back. Irma wrote about them recently, gliding around the lower atmosphere over Stockholm, but they're down here, too, serenely floating over Skåne. They are a sure sign of spring, and you can see them every calm evening in the spring, summer and early fall. Sometimes when you're out in the lowering turquoise dusk, you'll hear this weird darth-vaderish-hissing-breathing noise that seems to be coming from all around you. Look up! It's a hot air balloon going slowly by way down low.

Great Big Congratulations on the New Job to johann_metzger Who REALLY Ought to Write About it in His JOURNAL!!

More good things about today: chicken pasta with Simone's home-made wild garlic pesto sauce for dinner, setting up an appointment next Saturday to meet with a flat-coated retriever breeder and her PUPPIES, looking forward this week to an eyeglass appointment (long, long overdue), our big spring concert, and sushi with galestorm!!
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I can't sit on my knees very long and it's way too much up and down and up and down bending for me

There's a simple solution to that: just let the weeds grow so high you don't have to bend down anymore to pull them out... ;-))

Ha!!! That's exactly what we do and our neighbors love us for it, too.

If you let the weeds grow high enough, you won't be seeing your neighbours anymore... ;-)

Can we see some garden pictures once everything starts to bloom? I love to see a garden I don't have to work in personally ;-P

I'll try and remember to take some this week :)


Your day today sounds like our afternoon a couple of days ago...when we decided to tackle the weedy mess in the beds left by the previous tenant. Glorious sun...weeding, pulling, digging, preparing for was FUN! And I'm SO not a gardnener. Your day sounds lovely. And hot air balloons! Very cool! ~Marilyn


Puppies?!! Did someone say Puppies?!!!! you must, must, must take a camera to snap at their sweet wee faces if nothing else!* O, o, o... you simply MUST MUST MUST fall in love with one (or six) and bring it home for me. er..I mean, Karin. Yeah, I meant Karin. The puppy is for Karin and Martin and all the happy Eks!

Can't WAIT!!!!
xo Wee

* be warned... they're so black and wiggly that it's not easy to get a good picture of their little faces. Trust me on this one... I know from experience. If you can station them somehow at (your) eye level (like on a porch with you snapping their pix from a couple of steps below) in light shade or on a partly cloudy day that helps. Although there's not a whole lot that can be done about the wiggling, I'm afraid. O... and be careful if you're using a flash so that it doesn't hurt their eyes.


O... and warning from extremely paranoid dog mom... lily of the valley is poisonous to dogs. If you're planning to get a puppy soon, plant them somewhere where your pup can't get at them. This is not so much aproblem with older dogs, but puppies seem to want to taste EVERYTHING! Oh, I can't wait! You're going to get so sick of me and all my puppy ass-vice!

xo Wee

Really?! whoa. Bummer, cuz I love lily-o-the-valley. Okay, I'll wait on that, then, because they would be down low right by the playhouse. I hope nothing else I have is poisonous. I'll check into that. And I am NOT going to get sick of you!! I NEED the advice!

Your afternoon sounds heavenly, and far preferable to the chilly rain we had here. You made me remember all sorts of wonderful, warm, childhood afternoons in our neighborhood, when we used to scamper from one house to another, all around the block. ;-)

Being an apartment dweller, no gardens here, and I haven't quite gotten around to the balcony flowerboxes yet; I usually put out pansies and geraniums, but I've been afraid Bridezilla might (metaphorically speaking) stomp on them. Also, we keep having all the gloriously good weather on days when I'm stuck in the office, and torrential rain on the weekends. (That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.)

Oh, and woot! Congrats, lizardbro! ;-)


The Chinese Lanterns are so nasty as spreaders that when my Dad heard I got a packet of their seeds, he about had a fit- so I never planted them. But I have planted (mistakenly) many other nasty spreaders. One suggestion you can try is to take a large plastic pot from the plantschool and cut out the bottom and put in down nearly level into the ground - and put one of the nasties in it. I am using that for mint- and it has corraled it very nicely. Otherwise you will be swearing at all those plants some year when you didn't take time to weed - or like me... spending weeks and weeks (rather months and months) trying to get things under control again! Love, Lizardmom

:( I think I'm going to have to dig them out and put them in a pot. They're insanely tough. :( Wish I'd known before. Augh!

what a great day! dont ya just love days like that?
ive thought about doing a balloon ride for a long time, looks like fun :)

I'm still kicking myself for passing one up years ago when I was in Napa Valley in favor of horseback riding, because getting up for the balloon ride at 5 a.m. sounded like too much work. WHAT A DOPE I WAS!! Although, I've learned that my vertigo isn't real happy about being up high anywhere, so it's probably just as well.

Sounds like a perfect Sunday spent out in the sun by all. Something this household is familiar with too.

I didn’t now of the name of “Stonecrop” plant until today :) … they sure do add some colour to the garden during the early fall … I like them because, their a non-maintenance, no fuss, minimalist plant.

Here is a tip for perennials that spread.
Use a plastic pail & puncture holes for drainage … pot the plant, as if it’s an inside one & dig the pail into the desired flower bed until the lip of the pail is level or just a few inches below the top soil. Cover with topsoil, allowing the shoots to pop out. This method will at least keep
the spreading of plants under control.

Many of our bushes & flower beds have either wood chips or bark ... which helps control those evil weeds.

My mom said the same thing about the pot in the ground to contain the nasties...but she said to cut out the you do that? Stonecrop is a favorite because it doesn't need ANY just comes up year after year and looks great :) The bark/chips idea is a good one, I'll have to see about getting a few bags of them.

You know your mom's suggestion sounds even better :) I've never tried this method yet, but this fall I'm going to make an effort with our zebra grass.

I am so excited for you flat coated retrievers are VERY good family dogs, though they need lots of exercise.

I grew up in Albuquerque, NM where they have the world's largest annual ballon fiesta. I so miss the week in October of waking up and seeing the sky filled with balloons!

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