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This actually happened a couple of weeks ago, but I keep forgetting to write about it. One weeknight at dinner, after work/school/daycare, when Anders and Martin and I were a bit flat from a busy day, Karin was completely full of beans. The jumping kind. She bounced around in her chair, interrupted repeatedly, broke into song, made wild grimaces and generally behaved as if she had ants in her pants. I kept threatening to throw her outside to burn off some energy. Finally, after a particularly prolonged oingy-boingy-fit, I pointed at the door and said in no uncertain terms, "OUT! Get out and run around the house NOW! Five times! GO!" She wiggled and giggled and after another threatening pointing arm gesture, she bounded away from the table, from the kitchen into the laundry room and slammed the door shut.

We could hear her in there banging around, talking to herself. "Shoes!" I yelled. "FIVE TIMES!" We heard her yank her jacket off the hook, open her shoebox, stomp around for a sec, then the door opened and banged shut. We waited to see her come around the corner, but we couldn't see her yet from the kitchen windows. I got up, suspicious, and started for the laundry room door. Just before I got there, the door flew open, and there she was, with the most evilly happy grin on her face. When she saw how close I was to the door, our expressions must have mirrored each other's for a moment: big eyes, round mouths...then she bellowed out a huge blast of laughter, threw her arms around her waist and doubled over in hilarity. She was in her stocking feet, no jacket. She had faked the whole thing.

"OUT!!" I said. Then we sat in the kitchen and laughed our heads off while she zoomed around the house 5x, making faces at us and singing nonsense noise all the way. Monkey kid.

I went to the optician today and got fitted for new eyeglasses. They come in a week. *bounce* I'm WAY overdue, and the doctor yelled at me for waiting so long, and said I making things worse by waiting. I'm at the limit for regular lens, due to my age (sob) but he didn't think I was in need of bifocals progressive lens just yet. whew! The best part is that work is paying for about 1/3 of the price, since they are also for computer viewing. :)

On my way home, I stopped at the plantskola and bought dirt and a couple of GORGEOUS dahlias. Then because it was so pretty out, I took photos of things coming up in our garden. Happy, happy!

darling, darling dahlias

front garden

(Lizard, Lizard, What a Wizard...How Does Your Garden Grow?)

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Hahahaha!!! Mischevious Karin! Your garden looks SMASHING, DAHHHLING! Everything looks so green! And those dahlias are super loverly. What are the pink things in the flower bed closest to the sidewalk?

I don't know their names :( They're a little round hill of separate green clumps, also a spreader (like everything else in that garden.) I'll try to remember to ask my MiL this weekend, she gave them to me.

Beautiful pictures! That's one little monkey you have on your hands!

I love that silly kid!

And what beautiful FLOWERS. Gorgeous picture of the dahlia, particularly. Dahlia seems like such a Southern name, don't you think?? All the flowers are making me happy.

I had a college roommate whose name was Dahlia. I wonder whatever happened to her.

The dahlia´s are beautiful and so is your flower area, especially with the pots. We´re doing some redesigning in our garden and my hubby mentioned putting down a slap, sunken into the ground with a pot on it. I wasn´t too keen on the idea but after seeing yours, yes, I think we´ll do it:)

By the way, what did you use as a border for your flowerbed? Is it little stones?

We did the garden in that spot and in that shape initially to hide the ground wells and pipes that are all gathered there. :)

Anders used a 1-foot high wooden slat fencing. It was made of small logs sawn in half and then wired together. He dug it down in a trench and then pushed it the rest of the way down, all the way around the garden. We got the fencing at the plantskola.

your garden is so beautiful!! and those dahlias, wow!

Gorgeous dahlias and the rest of the garden is looking nice too. Isn't it amazing how everything just takes off, given one or two nice days and some sunshine.

Wow, that kid is a character! Too funny!

And the dahlias are gorgeous ... I keep meaning to get some, but then I spend all my money on the geraniums!

Karin has so much spirit, so much life in her... funny girl.

Beautiful dahlia's one of my favorite flowers. I think pink flowers always look so fresh. I have no idea if they are hard to look after, I have no green thumbs living on the 3rd floor of a building :)

They're a summer flower only, if you're not able to take the bulb in for the winter.


Love the Karin story. We're about to head outside now to finish up some yard work we started a few days ago. First we come... (Your flowers are lovely.) ~Marilyn


Karin- such a love!!! It's so wonderful to have kids that bring joy into our lives!
The pink Dahlias are beautiful. I saw the same ones at Cheryl's nursery when I went shopping for Mother's Day- there were 4 little pots of them in a white-washed basket- a delightful combination which I talked myself out of buying (since I was supposed to be getting a gift for Grandma) - and have thought about ever since. Now after seeing yours- I will probably get some of them for my deck! Love, Lizardmom

Like daughter, like mother ;) Cute story. And those pink flowers are amazing!

I can't imagine what you mean.


What a beautiful garden!

aw, thanks! :) It's at least a start!

woo! i got into your infamous RGWOTRN! *blush*

I TOLD you I liked that post :)

Too funny! What a little devil girl. I love it.

oh god!

those dahlias?!!! are my FAVORITE color pink-- so gorgeous!!

Beautiful! When we move into our new house, I'm going to have to get some tips from you.

haha! Karen looks so full of life. Her whole face radiates with it. She will probably run circles around the rest of the world for years to come.

Ah, life would only be right if you were blessed with a child with as much spirit and zest as yourself. Really is quite the whippersnapper and I always enjoy hearing about her antics. Can't wait to hear about her adventures in kindergarten!

Speaking of gardens...I thought you might get the itching, I've-got-to-get-my-hands-dirty-and-play-outside-bug once things started warming up...

Those Dahlia's are quite lovely! The polka-dot plant is probably a pulomaria. Don't you just love how the forget-me-not just pop up everywhere. :)

I suspected that you guys were trying to camouflage the drainage things. The shape of the garden works well, however don't forget to get some height variation in there and make sure there is still something happening later in the season...I see a lot of spring bloomers there.

...luckily the Dahlia will keep blooming and keep you happy all summer!

Well, we haven't done too much else, but at least ideas are churning :) Thanks for the name of the that the common name? We have some white flowers that bloom (the tall ones in the front) and the chinese lanterns, plus the stonecrop :) And I always change out the pot flowers to summer and then fall flowers, so there is always SOMETHING blooming :)

Monkey kids are so much fun! (Probably more fun for those of us who aren't trying to raise them, but fun, nonethess. *grin*)

And that garden is lovely. What incredibly perfect dahlias! Just gorgeous.

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